Hutcheson Headstone

Hutcheson Case Study As reported by several sources, Oril is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson, AZ. However, this finding confuses our data just a bit more. Evergreen Cemetery Tucson Pima County Arizona HUTCHESON1 Oril O. Aug. 21, 1879 Feb. 18, 1949 Etta Mae Aug. 6, 1892 Feb. 19, 1991 Did anyone happen to catch … Read more

Etta Mae Hutcheson

Hutcheson Case Study A quick Google search for Oril led me to an article about his wife and the decision that this research thread would only be a case study. (Why re-research what has already been done?) This article was edited by the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives department staff and was published in the “Days … Read more

Oril O. Hutcheson

Hutcheson Case Study My next project will be a case study. I did a quick preview of census and online sources and discovered that by just getting back one generation, one finds links to some previous research. However, what do you do when you only know a few things about an ancestor? And even worse, … Read more

The Scholefield Project Report

Scholefield Family Tree Two years ago, to the day, I began this project. Where possible using online resources I have traced the family back and branched out to include siblings and the birth dates of their children. I am ready to call this one as done as I am going to get it at this … Read more

Some Explaining To Do

Scholefield Family Tree Ok — I don’t have to do the explaining, but apparently Archibald Moore did. And, this is a reminder try odd search strings. A Google search for “‘Archibald Dunlap Moore’ Ann” turned up this result: ANOTHER HABEAS CORPUS TO TEST A WOMAN’S INSANITY. In the matter of the petition of Catharine McGowan. … Read more

Second Greats

Scholefield Family Tree Checking at FamilySearch leads me to a baptismal record for the Jacob Moore who is likely the father of the four boys I have just been tracing. This Jacob is the great-grandfather of Clara Ann Moore, the wife of George Parsons Scholefield and the couple from which this cold genealogy project has … Read more