Lottie’s Parents

Hoyt Family Tree I didn’t have to go far to find out more about Lottie’s parents. A quick Google Search for “Hayward Hoyt” returned one book that states that he married into the Berry family on 26 Feb 1921. The book is titled “The City of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922.” The genealogical information the book contained: … Read more

Ancestral File Helpful?

Hutcheson Case Study As I have mentioned on this blog before, there are certain resources out there that are “iffy” because they contain no citation information. I ran across one of those on this case. In Ancestral File at FamilySearch.org (if you haven’t looked recently, the site has had a makeover!) I have located the … Read more

Digging for Dusenburys

Scholefield Family Tree Actually, the digging wasn’t too stressful. They sat right up and waived their hands frantically so I’d see them! I have officially hit the jackpot during this “survey previous research” stage as I check works that have been compiled by others. The following places are those places that I search to determine … Read more

Growing the Hawkins Branch

Scholefield Family Tree Interestingly enough, I now have more information about the Hawkins family than I do the Moores. This is somewhat surprising because usually the women are harder to find what with the Western tradition of taking a husband’s name. Locating the census for Martha Hawkins and her 4 children in 18501 firms up … Read more

A DeGraff Researcher

Scholefield Family Tree My last post was found by Peter Cross — a DeGraff researcher. He offered some information about an additional Harmanus DeGraff in the area. I emailed him and he provided the following: His “Harman” was 31 at the time of the 1860 Census. His wife was Harriet Ann Wilde and his children … Read more

Detangler Needed?

Scholefield Family Tree The sources I have located have stated that Harmanus DeGraff, Helen Scholefield’s father, was born in 1800; however, I also find possible matches who were born in 1796 or 1791. Which do I choose to believe? More evidence is needed. (And here is some…) The 1840 Census reports: Harmonus DeGraff of Amsterdam1 … Read more

Which Harmanus?

Scholefield Family Tree It behooves the serious researcher to remember that not all search engines have indexed every part of the web. In this case, a search on Dogpile for “harmanus degraff” turns up the following result from Ask and Bing: Simon, son of Daniel, born April 6th, 1753, married December 6th, 1779, first, Annatie, … Read more

Google Weirdness and Dr. Harriet E. Hall

Scholefield Family Tree Here is another instance which proves that when you are using online searches you should spice up the variety. When I search on Google for “Arnold Scholefield,” I get the results that I have previously presented (the books about Abigail’s family and sources that relate to his ministry in the Methodist-Episcopal Church). … Read more