Searching Sideways

Scholefield Family Tree I am certain that I have pushed back another generation with the names of Harmanus DeGraff and Susan Thomas; however, what were the names of all of their children and their parents? Earlier I found that Susan had a brother named Alonzo, so searching for information about him might lead me to … Read more

Google Weirdness and Dr. Harriet E. Hall

Scholefield Family Tree Here is another instance which proves that when you are using online searches you should spice up the variety. When I search on Google for “Arnold Scholefield,” I get the results that I have previously presented (the books about Abigail’s family and sources that relate to his ministry in the Methodist-Episcopal Church). … Read more

Sir William Scholefield?

Scholefield Family Tree As I push back, I am attempting to discover information about Arnold’s reported father — Sir William Scholefield. Unfortunately, there are no conclusive matches when using a Google search for his name as an exact phrase. Searches for Scholefields in Nova Scotia or in England also don’t turn up any matches. Additionally, … Read more

Details About Arnold

Scholefield Family Tree Since it is possible that Arnold and Abigail were Charles’s parents, the next step is to gather further information about them.1 George’s biography points in some interesting directions. Of interesting ancestry, the best remembered of the family is the paternal great-grandfather, Sir William Scholefield, who was born in England, as was his … Read more

ASU's Arizona and Southwestern Index

Scholefield Family Tree Today was a re-search of what is available in the Hayden Collection at Arizona State University in Tempe (about a 2 hour drive from where I am). The collection is searchable from their Special Materials Index which also contains other resources. I have already located a biography of James Armour Moore (Clara’s … Read more

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Scholefield Family Tree Ok, this is something that I classify as cool, but some others may not. On the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records site (where the Arizona Biographical Index is also located) there is a Photo Index. Once again, searching for all surnames which might be relevant, we turn up a list … Read more

Googling Scholefield

Scholefield Family Tree Since I had such success searching for Clara’s side of the family, I’ll try George’s. First, George himself. To make sure that Google does not automatically “correct” my search I have to put his last name in quotation marks. To narrow further, I also add the name of the state — Arizona. … Read more