Innis Family Picture

Innis Family Tree Provided by family member ‘Kate’ and used with her permission. The photo is undated. It’s always so nice to have a face to go with a name.

John Innis Family

Innis Family Tree Moving back a generation I will now look at the family of John and Nancy Innis. From my 17 Feb 2010 post I have established the family as: John H. Innis, born c.1800-1805, Virginia, Nancy [Unknown] born c.1800-1805, Virginia – first wife, Nancy [Unknown] born c. 1822, Kentucky – second wife, John, …

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Where Did I Look

Innis Family Tree Before I move back a generation and over to Tennessee and Kentucky, let me tell you some of the places that I looked for this last group of Innis siblings. I don’t always get a chance to tell you in the posts, but there are a lot of side trips made while …

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