Tennessee & Kentucky State Archives

Innis Family Tree Since I have done some of the basic research on Ancestry to establish the family line, I thought I would take a quick look at the archives in Tennessee and Kentucky to see what other things they might offer. I was very disappointed to go to the Tennessee State Library and Archives … Read more

John Innis Family

Innis Family Tree Moving back a generation I will now look at the family of John and Nancy Innis. From my 17 Feb 2010 post I have established the family as: John H. Innis, born c.1800-1805, Virginia, Nancy [Unknown] born c.1800-1805, Virginia – first wife, Nancy [Unknown] born c. 1822, Kentucky – second wife, John, … Read more

Where Did I Look

Innis Family Tree Before I move back a generation and over to Tennessee and Kentucky, let me tell you some of the places that I looked for this last group of Innis siblings. I don’t always get a chance to tell you in the posts, but there are a lot of side trips made while … Read more

The Texas State Library and Archives

Innis Family Tree Have you visited the Texas State Library and Archives yet? They are getting it right and I’m hopeful they will keep working at it and loading more things into their digital archives. Take a look at what’s available under genealogy. There is an Online Public Access Catalog to see what they have … Read more