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Arwen and Sharon are two friends who have nothing more to talk about than genealogy — so much so that they have entered into business together and can help you to find your dead.

Arwen has been researching her family history since 1995. She enjoys finding interesting tidbits on the internet and was intrigued by the idea of blogging about cold genealogy cases (she also maintains a personal blog). She is a volunteer transcriber for Family Search Indexing, FreeBMD, and Find A Grave. She always wonders what more was going on in the lives of people when she sees just a name and a few bits of information and has often researched people just for fun. This site will help her to give stories to a random few of these dead and share them with the world.

Sharon has been researching her family tree since 2002. When she read the September 2008 issue of Internet Genealogy she saw the article by Donna Potter Phillips about cold genealogy and found it to be a fun idea. Arwen knew this because Sharon wrote “Fun” in blue highlighter pen at the top of the article. Since Sharon was the impetus behind the purchase of the FindYourDead.com domain, she was overjoyed to find a practical focus for a blog on this site. She is also guilty of randomly adopting and researching people and will now have a place to report her findings for others to use.

**BTW: We do occasionally find other things to talk about — cemeteries, courthouses…

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  1. Arwen and Sharon, What a warm fuzzy for me that my concept of happily and eagerly doing Cold Genealogy struck a nice chord with you. I have continued to push and develop the idea and employ it in teaching and it is always well received. I do appreciate being given credit for the idea……….. warm fuzzy! Donna


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