Charlotte Sherrard

Hoyt Family Tree Before we move onto the next generation, I do want to check into filling in the information about Lottie’s two sisters who survived to adulthood. I need to fill in specific information about their vitals. I know from censuses and the history of Detroit that Charlotte married a man named Henry G. … Read more

Collecting Tombstones

Hoyt Family Tree In addition to her parents, there are other Berry family members buried at Elmwood. Lottie’s young siblings are there, sharing a large monument with their parents: Laura Hooper, daughter of Joseph H & Charlotte E, died Dec 1 1870, aged 21 days1 Alfred Dwight, only son of Joseph H & Charlotte E, … Read more

Berry’d in Elmwood Cemetery

Hoyt Family Tree Charlotte’s headstone does confirm the information in the online tree (here’s hoping that the tombstone is also right!) Charlotte and Joseph are buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan. Additionally, from the information on the stone, Charlotte’s date of birth can be calculated. She died September 26, 1875, aged 31 years, 1 … Read more

Hutcheson Headstone

Hutcheson Case Study As reported by several sources, Oril is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson, AZ. However, this finding confuses our data just a bit more. Evergreen Cemetery Tucson Pima County Arizona HUTCHESON1 Oril O. Aug. 21, 1879 Feb. 18, 1949 Etta Mae Aug. 6, 1892 Feb. 19, 1991 Did anyone happen to catch … Read more

Minerva Catherine Innis Parrigin

Innis Family Tree A little work on Minerva reveals that her full name is Minerva Catherine and she married William Guyan Parrigin. Her children are established by the census records and then her full name is established through the use of her children’s death certificates. Daughter Tommie Alta Parrigin Howlett’s death certificate listed her mother … Read more

Whittle Burials

Whittle Family Tree Whittle Burials compiled by Ruth and I. Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore Section AA Lot 14 Josephine Whittle, 4 Jan 1909 Child of J. Whittle, 1865 – 7 Sep 1865 Edgevale Lot 424 Thomas H Whittle, 1930, 68 yrs. Elizabeth Whittle, 1944, 79 yrs, Fernwood 316 George W. Whittle, 1932 (Son of John … Read more

Google Weirdness and Dr. Harriet E. Hall

Scholefield Family Tree Here is another instance which proves that when you are using online searches you should spice up the variety. When I search on Google for “Arnold Scholefield,” I get the results that I have previously presented (the books about Abigail’s family and sources that relate to his ministry in the Methodist-Episcopal Church). … Read more