Alice Lodge

Hoyt Family Tree Lottie’s other sister, Alice Dwight Berry Lodge, also had an obituary published in the Grosse Pointe News. The obit index reports her death as 1961-02-26 and printing of her obit on 1961-03-09 on page 6 of the paper. ALICE DWIGHT BERRY LODGE Mrs. Lodge of 60 Lakeshore road, widow of the late … Read more

Charlotte Sherrard

Hoyt Family Tree Before we move onto the next generation, I do want to check into filling in the information about Lottie’s two sisters who survived to adulthood. I need to fill in specific information about their vitals. I know from censuses and the history of Detroit that Charlotte married a man named Henry G. … Read more

Oril’s Obit

Hutcheson Case Study There are currently two places I can go online to get scans of the Tucson newspapers. GenealogyBank has older issues. And Newspaper Archive has issues from around the 50s. Several sources have text from the newer issues from this century. So, Oril’s obituary is available at Newspaper Archive. And it implies an … Read more

Etta Mae Hutcheson

Hutcheson Case Study A quick Google search for Oril led me to an article about his wife and the decision that this research thread would only be a case study. (Why re-research what has already been done?) This article was edited by the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives department staff and was published in the “Days … Read more

Some Explaining To Do

Scholefield Family Tree Ok — I don’t have to do the explaining, but apparently Archibald Moore did. And, this is a reminder try odd search strings. A Google search for “‘Archibald Dunlap Moore’ Ann” turned up this result: ANOTHER HABEAS CORPUS TO TEST A WOMAN’S INSANITY. In the matter of the petition of Catharine McGowan. … Read more

Moore Lawsuit

Scholefield Family Tree This next step in researching the Moore family is getting me into rough waters. At I turned up a legal notice that read (emphasis added): SUPREME COURT–City and County of New York.–Michael Moore and Maria Moore his wife, plaintiffs, against Archibald Dunlap Moore and Anna Maria Moore his wife, James A. … Read more

Alonzo’s Wife Mary

Scholefield Family Tree The last person in Alonzo’s family that needs a few details is his wife. Here is her obit: Mrs. Alonzo H. Degraff Mary McLean, widow of Captain Alonzo H. DeGraff, died at 8 o’clock Thursday evening at the home of her son Harry W. DeGraff, 15 Grant avenue, after an illness of … Read more