Alternate Spellings

Hoyt Family Tree I mentioned in my last post that spelling is something that I don’t consider a conflict. There are many reasons for this. People may not have been able to spell (yes, even their own names). If the person writing was listening to someone say their name, they may have misheard. A person … Read more

Lottie’s Sisters

Hoyt Family Tree As we do with our cold genealogy projects, I am imposing limits on this project. In addition to the main line, I will only search out information about siblings, their spouses, and the basics (dates) regarding their children. Much more than that takes forever, but checking into at least those collateral lines … Read more

The Berry Family in the Census

Hoyt Family Tree Tracing Lottie Berry Hoyt’s family through the easy to find censuses proves some of the secondhand information provided in the article about Joseph Berry. The first census result for Lottie Berry on Ancestry is the 1880 Census. Her father’s household at 750 Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, consists of: Joseph Berry, age … Read more

State Censuses Agree with Name Split

Hutcheson Case Study When checking out censuses at Ancestry, once Oril’s alternate name is located, Oley can be traced to the same origin and is again placed with his mother. When he was younger, his age was reported more consistently. Interestingly, the clear cut name change is made more obvious as these records are viewed. … Read more

How Can You Not Know Your Name?

Hutcheson Case Study Okay, if it isn’t bad enough that Oril didn’t know his date of birth, it appears that he also was a bit confused about his name! Luckily, the name thing is easier to deal with. As he had two names which began with O, it simply seems that at some point he … Read more

What is his age?

Hutcheson Case Study So far, the information regarding Oril’s death is consistent. Now to try to trace back to discover the facts about his birth. Remember that it is always best to work from the known to the unknown. Therefore, the 1930 census should be my first stop. Here is the information about Oril from … Read more

Uncle Jacob Moore

Scholefield Family Tree As I continue to check out possible siblings of the direct Moore ancestral lines, I have another apparent match. According to the law suit, Jacob Moore married Hannah. And if he was born in 1791… Jacob H. Moore, age 58, Seaman, NY* Hannah Moore, age 50, NY Richd R. Moore, age 22, … Read more