State Censuses Agree with Name Split

Hutcheson Case Study

When checking out censuses at Ancestry, once Oril’s alternate name is located, Oley can be traced to the same origin and is again placed with his mother. When he was younger, his age was reported more consistently. Interestingly, the clear cut name change is made more obvious as these records are viewed. He changed the name he used on a daily basis when he arrived in Tucson.

In 1905, he was in Melrose, Stearns, Minnesota: Hutchenson O, Male, age 25, white, born Iowa, parents Iowa and MO, in the state for 7 years and in this enumeration district for 1 month, brakeman. 1

In 1895, he was in Rutland, Martin, Minnesota: Hutchison Oley, age 16, male, white, born in Iowa.2 Since he wasn’t over 21, he was exempt from answering additional questions.

The best thing about these state censuses is that they almost make up for missing the 1890 Federal Census!

In 1885, Oley Hutcheson, age 5, and born in Monona County, Iowa was living in the Bowman household with his mother Kate Hutcheson, age 32, born in MO.3 His siblings who were also in the home, all born in Monona County, were: Jay, age 15; Peck, age 13; Dick, age 11; Noan, age 9; Joseph, age 7; and Frank, age 3. It seems that Oley wasn’t the only one who “changed” his name over time! The ages here increase by 5 years from 1880, but Joseph and Oley are the only two who keep their names. Even mom trades Catherine for Kate!

What does this prove? NEVER figure that someone isn’t your guy just because of a difference in names!

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