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Hutcheson Case Study

As I have mentioned on this blog before, there are certain resources out there that are “iffy” because they contain no citation information. I ran across one of those on this case.

In Ancestral File at (if you haven’t looked recently, the site has had a makeover!) I have located the following family:

Family Group Sheet 1
Husband: Thomas Warren Hutcheson
Marriage: 23 Apr 1868 Place: Belvedere, Monona, Iowa
Wife: Catherine D. Hunter

  1. M David Jay Hutcheson, Born: 8 Jul 1869 – , Ray, Missouri
  2. M Cyrus K. Hutcheson, Born: 23 Jun 1871 – Castana, Monona, Iowa
  3. M Thomas Ali Hutcheson, Born: 24 Apr 1873 – Castana, Monona, Iowa
  4. M Freeman Laudwick Hutcheson, Born: 20 Mar 1875 – Castana, Monona, Iowa
  5. M Joseph Warren Hutcheson, Born: 25 Jun 1877 – Castana, Monona, Iowa
  6. M Ole Oliver Hutcheson, Born: 14 Aug 1879 – Castana, Monona, Iowa
  7. F Mamie Oliver Hutcheson, Born: 14 Aug 1879 – Castana, Monona, Iowa
  8. M Frank Orville Hutcheson, Born: 5 Dec 1881 – Castana, Monona, Iowa

Unfortunately, there is no information about submitter–or the sources that they used. This family is a match to Oly Hutcheson’s family on the 1880 Census. And since Oril O’s death certificate named his father as Thomas Hutcheson, this is likely the same family–even with all EIGHT possible DOBs associated with this guy.

Googling the name of the father leads to additional unsourced family trees on the internet. The Family Tree Maker’s Genealogy Site User Home Page of Martin Wayne Lowery disagrees on a few locations.2 He also notes that Maime didn’t have an “r” on her middle name.

On the same site, the Home Page of Elaine M. Hutcheson adds confirmation of some interesting additional names. Cyrus was known as “Peck,” Thomas was known as “Dick,” and Freeman was known as “Noun.”3 These three names don’t have much to do with the boy’s real names. Therefore, isn’t much of a stretch to get from Oly Oliver to Oril O. In fact, Oly is a nickname for Oliver, so it is possible that he was an Oliver Oril (or vice versa).

1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, “Ancestral File,” database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 21 Feb 2011), Thomas Warren Hutcheson (5675-D2) and Catherine D. Hunter (5675-F7) family group record.
2. Martin Wayne Lowery, Family Tree Maker’s Genealogy Site, The Martin Wayne Lowery Sr. Family Home Page ( : accessed 25 Feb 2011), “Descendants of Ferdinandus Van Sickelen,” Generation No. 8.
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