The Scholefield Project Report

Scholefield Family Tree Two years ago, to the day, I began this project. Where possible using online resources I have traced the family back and branched out to include siblings and the birth dates of their children. I am ready to call this one as done as I am going to get it at this … Read more

Some Explaining To Do

Scholefield Family Tree Ok — I don’t have to do the explaining, but apparently Archibald Moore did. And, this is a reminder try odd search strings. A Google search for “‘Archibald Dunlap Moore’ Ann” turned up this result: ANOTHER HABEAS CORPUS TO TEST A WOMAN’S INSANITY. In the matter of the petition of Catharine McGowan. … Read more

Second Greats

Scholefield Family Tree Checking at FamilySearch leads me to a baptismal record for the Jacob Moore who is likely the father of the four boys I have just been tracing. This Jacob is the great-grandfather of Clara Ann Moore, the wife of George Parsons Scholefield and the couple from which this cold genealogy project has … Read more

Uncle Jacob Moore

Scholefield Family Tree As I continue to check out possible siblings of the direct Moore ancestral lines, I have another apparent match. According to the law suit, Jacob Moore married Hannah. And if he was born in 1791… Jacob H. Moore, age 58, Seaman, NY* Hannah Moore, age 50, NY Richd R. Moore, age 22, … Read more

Moore Lawsuit

Scholefield Family Tree This next step in researching the Moore family is getting me into rough waters. At I turned up a legal notice that read (emphasis added): SUPREME COURT–City and County of New York.–Michael Moore and Maria Moore his wife, plaintiffs, against Archibald Dunlap Moore and Anna Maria Moore his wife, James A. … Read more