The Scholefield Project Report

Scholefield Family Tree Two years ago, to the day, I began this project. Where possible using online resources I have traced the family back and branched out to include siblings and the birth dates of their children. I am ready to call this one as done as I am going to get it at this … Read more

Answering Questions

Scholefield Family Tree After the DeGraff censuses prompted a list of questions, off I went to try to answer them. The first question was about Catherine DeGraff born abt 1841 (actually probably closer to 1843 based on when Helen was born). Who was she? I still dunno! I can assume that she is a daughter, … Read more

Mopping Up Raises Questions

Scholefield Family Tree I feel that I have gotten close to a stopping point on this Scholefield Tree. My searches into the ancestral lines are not yielding results. However, the internet is changing all the time. Since our defined limits for these cold genealogy projects for unrelated individuals state that only online research will be … Read more

Alonzo’s Wife Mary

Scholefield Family Tree The last person in Alonzo’s family that needs a few details is his wife. Here is her obit: Mrs. Alonzo H. Degraff Mary McLean, widow of Captain Alonzo H. DeGraff, died at 8 o’clock Thursday evening at the home of her son Harry W. DeGraff, 15 Grant avenue, after an illness of … Read more

Alonzo's Obit

Scholefield Family Tree I located one obit for Alonzo. There are likely more out there because this was one picked up by a nearby paper in a different county. The moral of this story is that you might find a news item about your family in an unexpected paper. Nearby papers would reprint news from … Read more

A DeGraff Researcher

Scholefield Family Tree My last post was found by Peter Cross — a DeGraff researcher. He offered some information about an additional Harmanus DeGraff in the area. I emailed him and he provided the following: His “Harman” was 31 at the time of the 1860 Census. His wife was Harriet Ann Wilde and his children … Read more