You Guessed It, Another Date

Hutcheson Case Study Here is another record which reports Oril’s date of birth which was within his lifetime — and theoretically present. However, it provides another possible date of birth for him. The third registration for the draft for World War I called men of Oril’s age.1 The maximum required age was pushed back from … Read more

Mopping Up Raises Questions

Scholefield Family Tree I feel that I have gotten close to a stopping point on this Scholefield Tree. My searches into the ancestral lines are not yielding results. However, the internet is changing all the time. Since our defined limits for these cold genealogy projects for unrelated individuals state that only online research will be … Read more

A Footnote to History

Govanstown Cemetery Project The Whittle Plot For those of you that have not used Footnote it is the online outlet for the National Archives. You can search for free, and there is quite a bit of free content, but most of it is premium content that requires a subscription. A subscription goes for about $75 … Read more