Alice Lodge

Hoyt Family Tree Lottie’s other sister, Alice Dwight Berry Lodge, also had an obituary published in the Grosse Pointe News. The obit index reports her death as 1961-02-26 and printing of her obit on 1961-03-09 on page 6 of the paper. ALICE DWIGHT BERRY LODGE Mrs. Lodge of 60 Lakeshore road, widow of the late … Read more

Alternate Spellings

Hoyt Family Tree I mentioned in my last post that spelling is something that I don’t consider a conflict. There are many reasons for this. People may not have been able to spell (yes, even their own names). If the person writing was listening to someone say their name, they may have misheard. A person … Read more

Lottie’s Sisters

Hoyt Family Tree As we do with our cold genealogy projects, I am imposing limits on this project. In addition to the main line, I will only search out information about siblings, their spouses, and the basics (dates) regarding their children. Much more than that takes forever, but checking into at least those collateral lines … Read more

Lottie’s Parents

Hoyt Family Tree I didn’t have to go far to find out more about Lottie’s parents. A quick Google Search for “Hayward Hoyt” returned one book that states that he married into the Berry family on 26 Feb 1921. The book is titled “The City of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922.” The genealogical information the book contained: … Read more