Collecting Tombstones

Hoyt Family Tree In addition to her parents, there are other Berry family members buried at Elmwood. Lottie’s young siblings are there, sharing a large monument with their parents: Laura Hooper, daughter of Joseph H & Charlotte E, died Dec 1 1870, aged 21 days1 Alfred Dwight, only son of Joseph H & Charlotte E, … Read more

Whittle Burials

Whittle Family Tree Whittle Burials compiled by Ruth and I. Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore Section AA Lot 14 Josephine Whittle, 4 Jan 1909 Child of J. Whittle, 1865 – 7 Sep 1865 Edgevale Lot 424 Thomas H Whittle, 1930, 68 yrs. Elizabeth Whittle, 1944, 79 yrs, Fernwood 316 George W. Whittle, 1932 (Son of John … Read more

Whittle Marriage Records

Whittle Family Tree Below is a compiled list of marriages from various sources. The problem with a list of marriages is once again, there is no context. We don’t know the ages of the individuals (especially on the older marriages) and we don’t know if these are first or second marriages. Marriages: By 1646 – … Read more