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Innis Family Tree

Before I move back a generation and over to Tennessee and Kentucky, let me tell you some of the places that I looked for this last group of Innis siblings. I don’t always get a chance to tell you in the posts, but there are a lot of side trips made while researching. Some good – some not so good, but it’s always an interesting journey.

I spent a lot of time playing in the TXGenWeb Project. As I have said before some states have a long way to go and some states are really doing some great things. The Grayson County TXGenWeb site was the The TXGenWeb Project County of the Year for 2005 and it’s easy to see why. It is easy to negotiate and has tons of easily searchable information. While I didn’t find my families, they sure made searching for them easy and fun. I got sidetracked (not hard to do) looking at the old photos.

I love the home page of the Fannin GenWeb Page! The site is simple to negotiate and I spent most of my time in the Cemeteries section. I encountered a couple of links that didn’t work and emailed the webmaster. What a gem Suzie Henderson is! Less than an hour later I had a response with information concerning the situation and her projection for not only fixing it, but making it better. Can we replicate her and put her in a few neighboring counties where they need some real help. Keep up the good work Suzie!

I also did very well on the sites by Gloria B. Mayfield, Cemeteries of TX Project Manager. While I found all the clouds, pearly gates and blinking stars make the openings hard to read and extremely distracting, it’s really about the information and the information was good. The material is broken down by county and then by cemetery and appears to be updated frequently.

Apparently, GenealogyBank and NewspaperArchives haven’t gotten into the area yet, because I was stumped for information in those searches. That was painful because I have come to rely on them for the background information on a family. On the upside of that – since they didn’t have the information I went to the Bonham Library and what a nice group of people that is to deal with. They are friendly and interested and willing to help. I have asked for obituaries on Thomas H. Innis and Thomas Ballard Innis. I’ll keep you posted.
There are several sites I haven’t really mentioned because they were quick visits with no results. Yes I know you should note your negative results also, but I’m just tired of telling you how poor Colorado is for online sources.

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