Hayward N. and Lottie D. Hoyt

Hoyt Family Tree I ran across Hayward and Lottie when I was working on a project to create a map of the enumeration districts on the 1930 Tucson Census. Unfortunately, for several districts, the descriptions were not helpful: “excluding the city.” Checking the pages provided street names and other identifying notes for some. The Hoyts … Read more

Hutcheson Report

Hutcheson Case Study After finding so much conflicting information, what is the answer? The Facts about O.O. Hutcheson This report resolves many of the bits of differing information which was found throughout this case. A likely date of birth is identified, and Oril is tied to both his wife and children and his parents and … Read more

Ancestral File Helpful?

Hutcheson Case Study As I have mentioned on this blog before, there are certain resources out there that are “iffy” because they contain no citation information. I ran across one of those on this case. In Ancestral File at FamilySearch.org (if you haven’t looked recently, the site has had a makeover!) I have located the … Read more

State Censuses Agree with Name Split

Hutcheson Case Study When checking out censuses at Ancestry, once Oril’s alternate name is located, Oley can be traced to the same origin and is again placed with his mother. When he was younger, his age was reported more consistently. Interestingly, the clear cut name change is made more obvious as these records are viewed. … Read more

How Can You Not Know Your Name?

Hutcheson Case Study Okay, if it isn’t bad enough that Oril didn’t know his date of birth, it appears that he also was a bit confused about his name! Luckily, the name thing is easier to deal with. As he had two names which began with O, it simply seems that at some point he … Read more

You Guessed It, Another Date

Hutcheson Case Study Here is another record which reports Oril’s date of birth which was within his lifetime — and theoretically present. However, it provides another possible date of birth for him. The third registration for the draft for World War I called men of Oril’s age.1 The maximum required age was pushed back from … Read more

Yes, Yet Another Date

Hutcheson Case Study Yet another possible date of birth for Oril was apparently reported when he married. This record is indexed in a book, so it is possibly an error itself and would need to be checked on the original if someone were to be spending money on this project. Hutcheson, O. O., age 38* … Read more

What is his age?

Hutcheson Case Study So far, the information regarding Oril’s death is consistent. Now to try to trace back to discover the facts about his birth. Remember that it is always best to work from the known to the unknown. Therefore, the 1930 census should be my first stop. Here is the information about Oril from … Read more

Oril’s Obit

Hutcheson Case Study There are currently two places I can go online to get scans of the Tucson newspapers. GenealogyBank has older issues. And Newspaper Archive has issues from around the 50s. Several sources have text from the newer issues from this century. So, Oril’s obituary is available at Newspaper Archive. And it implies an … Read more