Scholefield Family Tree

Occasionally, I find something new. (Yeah, it can be a rare occurrence that I don’t know about something.) This time I found it by scanning Dick Eastman’s newsletter. One of his posts was about the Fulton History website which features millions of scanned pages of old New York newspapers.

The OCR software they used had quite a hard time reading the name Scholefield on some scans, but the “fuzzy” search capability means that I don’t have to try misspellings — it will try them for me. A higher number on the fuzzy search will return the weirdest combinations, but I found that a number around 2 was sufficient when searching for exact names (just the surname will return too many hits). Therefore, all I have to try are different combinations of first names and initials. Still, there were some events (obituaries) that didn’t pop up so the site also features a browse capability where you can hunt and find a paper with the correct date to read for yourself (really only usable if you have an exact date for something or if you are just generally interested in reading the news). Be aware that the pages can take quite a while to load!

Anyway — onto the findings for George’s mother Helen Marr DeGraff Scholefield…

Most interesting to genealogists is the obituary. An obituary in a person’s hometown newspaper is a possibility one should not forget. In Helen’s case, a simple death announcement ran in New York City where she died, but an obituary with family and biographical data ran both in Utica, New York, a place where she had been a longtime resident, and was republished in Amsterdam, New York, where she was born and had lived with her parents.

blockquoteMrs. Helen M. Scholefield.

The Utica Press says: There are very many people still residing in this city and our ancient suburb who remember Major Charles M. Scholefield and wife who lived many years ago at Yorkville. They were very prominent and popular people in their time and had a very large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Major Scholefield was a more than ordinarily acceptable public speaker and was much in demand as a temperance lecturer. Mrs. Scholefield will be remembered as a charming and attractive woman who did much to make the home a social center and who was held in high esteem by all who knew her. Major Scholefield died many years ago.

Mrs. Helen M. Scholefield, his widow, died in New York city Saturday in her 79th year. She was born in Amsterdam, being descended from the earliest Dutch settlers of the Mohawk valley. In 1859, she married Mr. Scholefield. During the Civil war, she lived in Washington, her husband and brother being officers in the army, and each day ministered to the sick and wounded in the hospital at a time when there were no trained nurses and very little knowledge of anesthetics. At the close of the war, they returned to Yorkville, but spent much time in Albany, as Major Scholefield was a member of the legislature and a preminent lawyer, editor and public speaker.

Upon the death of her husband, the family moved to Utica and Mrs. Scholefield opened a kindergarten, being a pioneer in that form of education, now a part of the public school system. She was a member of Westminster church and active in its work as well as the literary and social life of Utica.

In recent years she had made her home with her daughters, Mrs. Mae Edwards, of Nutley, N. J., until her death three years ago; with Mrs. Florence DeGraff in New York, where she died, and with Mrs. Virginia S. McMillan, during the summers at her country home, Spencertown. Besides her daughters, she leaves a son, George P. Scholefield, of Vail, Arizona.

The interment was made at Spencertown, Monday.1

From this obituary, we can calculate an exact death date of 18 Dec 1920. The married name of Helen’s daughter Florence is missing: Shaw. This could be because the name was not reported correctly, or it could have gone missing in the resetting of the article in the second newspaper. Also, Mae’s name should be Edwords, but no one seems to get that one right.

In addition to the obituary, the same paper also ran a funeral notice (so don’t forget to check for both possibilities). (more…)


Scholefield Family Tree

As I go back in time, I find more people! To help myself as well as you, the reader, the following links provide a visual representation of George Scholefield and Clara Moore’s siblings, nieces and nephews.

Family Charts

George’s parents were Charles M. Scholefield and Helen Marr Degraff.
Descendants of Charles M. Scholefield

Clara’s parents were James Armour Moore and Matilda Jane Burnett. Matilda had previously married a John Crampton, so there are half-siblings.
Descendants of Matilda Jane Burnett

**These are large files.


Scholefield Family Tree

Swapping to the other side of our tree, we need to repeat the process just completed for Clara’s siblings on George’s. Some might wonder why I did Clara’s first. It is mainly because I knew there were vital records online for Arizona! New York will be a bit more difficult. Instead of focusing on a state run vital records site, I will need to rely on the whims of transcriptionists — what they have found interesting enough to submit to resources like USGenWeb and FamilySearch.

Therefore, I will instead begin with the census records for the McMillan, Shaw and Edword families. This will give me the basic family structure for each and names of the children (FamilySearch will not allow a search with ONLY parents names). Once I have the basics, I can then check for vital records. Our beginning points for each family are the gravestone findings at Spencertown Cemetery.1

Mary Virginia Scholefield (1862 – ?) married a McMillan. There are a high number of Mary McMillans who were born about 1862 in New York, so can’t narrow my results enough to locate her.

Florence Scholefield (1864 – 1923) m. N. Archibald Shaw (1861 – 1935)
bulletIn 1900, they are living in Manhattan, New York City.2 This census gives us Mr. Shaw’s first name: Norman. He was born in Sep 1861 in New York. Florence De was born in 1866 in New York. They had been married for 12 years. She had 3 children, 2 still living. Norman was a proffessor. They have two sons: Norman A. b. Aug 1889 in New York and Donald b. Oct 1898 in New York. Also in the home are a 17 year old Robt. DeGraff who is a boarder (and possibly a relation to Florence’s mother Helen DeGraff Scholefield?) and six black servants.
bulletIn 1910, they are still in Manhattan.3 Archibald was aged 48 and was born in New York. Florence D. is listed as age 45 and born in the District of Columbia. The couple had been married for 22 years, and they are both teachers at a private school. In a ?huh? moment, Florence looks to be listed as having 1 child, but 2 still living. The numeral 1 is a bit thick though, so it might be a squished 4. We can verify the two living children because they are both in the home: Archibald R. (likely an alternate name for Norman A. listed above) is aged 20 and Donald is age 11, both born in New York. In the household are also four servants (three black) and two young boarders who attend private school.
bulletQuick searches don’t turn up the couple in 1920 or Norman Archibald in 1930. Some creative searching will need to be done if these two censues are to be located. (By quick, I mean full name with date and place of birth. No wildcards — yet.)

Mae Stuart Scholefield (1870 – 1917) m. Guy J. Edwords
bulletIn 1900, the couple is living in Franklin, Essex, New Jersey, and Helen M. Scholefield is living with them.4 Guy was reportely born in March 1861 in Illinois. He was a lawyer. Mae was reportedly born in Dec 1871. They had been married for a year and had not had any children. Mother-in-law Helen was born in April 1842 in New York. Her four reported children matches the number of children that are known. Her father was born in Germany and her mother in Scotland.
bulletIn 1910, Guy J. and Mae are in Nutley, Essex, New Jersey.5 Helen is again in the household, and Guy V. Edwords, age 18 and born in New Jersey, is living with them as a son. Guy J. is listed as being in his second marriage, so his son was presumably from his first marriage. Mae is again listed as having no children. Helen’s information differs only in that her father is reported to have been born in New York.
bulletQuick searches don’t turn up Guy J. in the 1920 census. It is possible that he had died by then, especially since he was older than Mae.

1. See post dated 11 Sep 2008.
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Scholefield Family Tree

I posted the photographs of the graves located in Tucson to Find A Grave. While I was there, I searched the database for other Scholefields since the name is uncommon. Only 49 memorials have that last name (including the three I added).

One is an entry for George Parsons Scholefield who was born in 1860 but is listed with an unknown death date. Since the George I have been tracing has the same birthdate, I checked it out and discovered that the person who posted this memorial posted the BACKSIDE of a stone and added the data as if the people were acutally buried there (and, yes, I tried to point this out to the person, and she refuses to understand the concern and got touchy when I suggested to her how she could make the situation clearer).

Luckily, since this is the same George, and the person did photograph both sides of the stone in question, memorials were also created for his parents1 (however, their memorials are missing the backside of their stone ::sigh::).

Spencertown Cemetery
Columbia County
New York

Major Charles M. Scholefield
1819 – 1869
Helen Marr DeGraff
His Wife
1842 – 1920
Faithful Unto Death

Their Children
George Parsons Scholefield
1860 – ____
Virginia Scholefield McMillan
1862 – ____
Florence Scholefield Shaw
1864 – ____
Mae Scholefield Edwords
1869 – 1917

Hunting through the other memorials in the cemetery, I find that Florence is buried in Spencertown Cemetery with N. Archibald Shaw.2 He is presumably her husband. Her death date is listed there as 1923. Mae’s middle name turns out to be Stuart, and she married a man named Guy J. Edwords.3 Virginia is not buried there under the last name McMillan.

The foremost question to be answered after locating this cemetery is: Why is the family buried in Columbia County, New York, instead of Oneida County where they lived from 1850-1870? Especially since that date includes Charles’s death date of 1869? And most especially since Utica and Spencertown are 125 miles apart?

Research Plan:

  1. Determine the family connection to Spencertown.
  2. Locate George’s siblings on the censuses to fill in the basic information about their families.

1. Jim Tipton, Find A Grave, digital images ( : accessed 11 Sep 2008), photograph, Major Charles M. Scholefield (1819-1869) and Helen Marr DeGraff Scholefield (1842-1920) gravemarker, Spencertown Cemetery, Spencertown, Columbia, New York.
2. Ibid., photograph, N. Archibald Shaw (1861-1835) and Florence Scholefield Shaw (1864-1923) gravemarker, Spencertown Cemetery, Spencertown, Columbia, New York.
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