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Whittle Family Tree

I promised earlier to share my thoughts on who could possibly belong to whom in this family. My ideas are my own and should not be taken as anything more than my ideas and potential leads to be explored. They are being placed here and not on Ancestry since we all know that the week after I post a “possible connection” it becomes gospel and is propagated in multiple trees. Much like an urban myth it is impossible to take back a connection on Ancestry – they reproduce at the speed of light and people rarely respond to the messages telling them that there is no proof of a connection.

In the past 18 months we (Ruth and me) have worked this family from both directions. We pursued the family from the known back through the unknown and we also looked at all the documentation available to us from oldest to newest. We followed families in both directions and explored many Whittles that proved to have no family connection at all. We made lists of Whittles and tried to tie them together by repetitive names, by dates and locations. We found – as you will notice when you look at the name grid – a complete generation that is not documented. The children of John W. are the most likely parents of Benjamin’s generation, but we found no marriage, death, or other documentation that would clarify that situation.

Based on the available documentation that I have previously provided there are several possibilities for the father of John Nelson and Jeremiah Whittle. The men of the appropriate age would be Benjamin b.c.1755, David b.c.1760, Richard b.1755-1765, and Zachariah b.1755-1765. If I were pursuing this family any further than I would be looking hard at Zachariah Whittle as the possible father of Jeremiah and John Nelson Whittle.

A Zachariah Whittle married Elizabeth Disney in 1795. Only one Zachariah is found in any of our available records and according to the census records, Zachariah would have been 35-45 years old at the time he married Elizabeth Disney. It is possible this is a second marriage. He falls in the possible age category to have children born c. 1774 (John Nelson) and c. 1775 (Jeremiah).

Why not the other men in the category? Richard marries Elizabeth Burland in 1784 and her extant letters and other documentation do not mention any previous children for Richard Whittle. David Whittle appears by his extant documentation to be born c. 1760 and his children are clearly documented by the records concerning his death. On the 1790 census Benjamin has three females of the right age and no males in the household born prior to 1784 – well outside the window for John Nelson and Jeremiah.

So where are John Nelson and Jeremiah in 1790 if not on the census with one of the documented Whittle males? There are many options available in this case. First, they could be living with other family members – and not just family members in Maryland. There is plenty of evidence that the Whittle family was spread across Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. Many of the Whittle obituaries we have found ask for Pennsylvania and Delaware papers to copy the material. It is quite easy to believe that the boys could be with an aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandparents. Second, by 1790 the boys are between 14 and 17 and could have been bound to a tradesman, in which case they would have been counted in his household. The extant records are simply not good enough to pinpoint their location.

Now before everyone jumps up and says, “What about deeds and tax records?” let me clarify a couple of things. While I can’t look at anything except materials available online, (self-imposed rules of Cold Genealogy) I can use any records and research provided by family members. Ruth kindly supplied me with copies of her research. She checked for any Whittle wills, land records, and tax records in Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties, and she also paid a professional genealogist to research extant records in the Maryland State Archives and Baltimore County resources. Most of that documentation is already up in the posts. The research did not turn up any deed or tax records to clarify the situation. In fact according to both Ruth and the professional, no Whittle bought or sold any land in Baltimore County from 1727-1775 and no Whittle sold land in the county from 1787-1823. No Whittle was listed as owning land in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, or Harford County in the 1783 Assessment List.

We have not searched the wills of the spouse families. As records become available online in a searchable format it is possible that some situations may clarify themselves. Currently, this is where we stand:
Samuel Whittle is the son of an UnknownA Whittle and Eliza Unknown
UnknownA Whittle is the son of Jeremiah Whittle and Nancy Best
Jeremiah Whittle is the son of UnknownB Whittle and Unknown Mother

I accomplished my original goal, which was to identify who might be in the plot of Samuel Whittle at Govans Presbyterian. Unfortunately, I am unable to go any further at this time. I will revisit the Whittles every so often and update the information as it becomes available, but it is time to move on to another family.


Whittle Family Tree

Attached is a pdf of an Excel file. It’s just an 8 page list of Whittle’s with their birth, death, marriage, spouse and parent names if known. I used it to try to organize my thoughts on who was who and who did they belong to. The blue color simply lets you know it’s a different (maybe) family. The two salmon colored blocks are brothers Jeremiah and John Nelson Whittle with their descendants. I’ll post some of my “thoughts” concerning parentage tomorrow.

Whittle Name Grid


Whittle Family Tree

Once again from materials compiled by Ruth or I.

John Whittle, 2 Oct 1749 – 25 Nov 1749, Administratrix, Eleanor Whittle, next of kin John Whittle, Jr., Rachel Whittle. (From Anne Arundel Prerogative Court Abstract, 1748-1751) 1750 inventory names, Eleanor as widow, children Rachel, wife of John Thackrel, John, Hester, Sopia, and Richard. Aug 1751 security of estate by Eleanor, names children Hester, Rachel, Richard, and Sophia

David Whittle, d. abt 1799, Anne Arundel County, Thomas McCauley vs. Anne, Nicholas, Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and William Whittle, Anne Arundel Co., 1801. From a bill of complaint filed by Thomas McCauley on 26 Mar 1801 stating he had contracted with David Whittle of Anne Arundel Co on 30 Jan 1789 for land. David Whittle had died intestate without executing a deed of conveyance and David left behind a widow and five infant children: Anne Whittle, the widow, and Nicholas, Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and William all under the age of 21. (Maryland Chancery Paper 003637, MSA 1/36/3/68)

John Whittle, 24 May 1818, Frederick County, names wife Charity, three children: Jonathan, John, unknown daughters – all under age 16

Charity Whittle 15 Oct 1867, Carroll County, names son John


Whittle Family Tree

Whittle Burials compiled by Ruth and I.
Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore
Section AA Lot 14
Josephine Whittle, 4 Jan 1909
Child of J. Whittle, 1865 – 7 Sep 1865
Edgevale Lot 424
Thomas H Whittle, 1930, 68 yrs.
Elizabeth Whittle, 1944, 79 yrs,
Fernwood 316
George W. Whittle, 1932 (Son of John Nelson Whittle Jr.),
Norma E. Whittle 1971 (Daughter of George W. Whittle),
Rosehill 244
Vera Whittle, 1973, cremated,

Govans Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Baltimore
Lot 88
Samuel N. Whittle, c. 1843-1892, 2nd Lt USA Civil War
Georgeanna Hible Whittle, c. 1846 – c.1875, wife of Samuel
Clara May Whittle, 1866 – 1946, daughter of Samuel
Maggie S. Whittle, 1869 – 1897, daughter of Samuel
Eliza (Unknown) Whittle, c.1815-1896, mother of Samuel
Elizabeth (Eyles) Whittle, 1785 – 1877, (step) grandmother of Samuel
Susannah Whittle Barber, , sister of Samuel
Lot 69
Susanna Whittle Barber 1822 – 1916, daughter of Eliza (Unknown) Whittle
Benjamin Barber – husband of Susannah

Green Mount Cemetery
Lot 61 Area V
Mrs. White, 30 Jan 1877, buried next to Charles Whittle – believed to be his wife
Charles Whitele, 13 Jun 1893
Charles Nicholas Whittle, 24 Oct 1916, brother to Samuel N. Whittle
Margaret Savilia (Boone) Whittle, 5 Jul 1923, wife of Charles Nicholas
Kathryn A. Frech, 29 Jan 1946, wife of Charles son Harry
Leo N. Whittle, 20 Oct 1972
Mrs. John Boone 19 Jan 1843
Matthew T. Boone, 8 Sep 1860
Catherine V. Boone, 16 Aug 1862
J.H.D. Boone, 25 Jul 1874
Lot 22 Area W
Nancy Whittle, 14 Jan 1851 (this is an interment date – Nancy was removed from Whatcoat Burial Grounds, From Balto. City Death & Burials 1834-1840 Nancy Whittle d. Aug 7, 1838)
Honora [McKenzie] Whittle, 22 Jun 1870, wife of Richard Whittle
Caroline Whittle, 8 Sep 1909
Charles Whittle, 13 Oct 1883
My best guess is that Nancy, Caroline & Charles are the children of Honora and Richard Whittle.

Pipe Creek Methodist Church & Cemetery (Brick Church), New Windsor, Carroll County
Row 6
Susanna [Whittle] Hooper, 19 Oct 1862, daughter of John & Charity Whittle
Mary Hooper, 14 Mar 1836, wife of William Hooper
Catherine E. Hooper, 30 Nov 1833, aged 2 yrs 4 mo, daughter of Susanna (Whittle) and Thomas Hooper
Jonathan F. Hooper, 4 May 1833, aged 2 yr 11 mo, son of Susanna (whittle) and Thomas Hooper
Row 9
Mary Ann Forrest, 5 Feb 1882, aged 75 yrs, wife of Nelson R. Forrest
Jonathan Forrest, 12 Oct 1843, aged 89
Comfort R. Forrest, 24 Aug 1827, aged 73, wife of Jonathan Forrest
John T. Ward, 8 Mar 1854, age 32 yrs
Nelson R. Whittle, 26 May 1848, 2 yrs, son of John Nelson Whittle, Jr. & Cynthia A. Ward
Charity (Forrest) Whittle, 4 Feb 1869, aged 90 yrs, wife of John Nelson Whittle, Sr.
Sarah Forres, 10 Mar 1863, aged 67, daughter of Rev. Jonathan Forrest
There are also Forrests in Row 11 and Row 12

Reisterstown United Methodist Cemetery, Reisterstown
Joshua T. Whittle Sr., buried 1909 – no tombstone
Mary Elizabeth Schoal, wife
John Orrick Whittle, 1891, 5 mos.
Nannie Viola Whittle, 1894, 11 mos.
Joshua T. Whittle, no date
Mary E. Whittle, child no date
Marian E. Whittle, 1936
Bessie M. Whittle, 1973 – Row e, Lot 14 Old Section, No Tombstone

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore
Blance Whittle Macke , Buried 1930, Daughter of Joshua T. Whittle Sr.
George Burke Whittle, 1956, Son of Joshua T. Whittle

Section N-43 ½ – Lot Owner Richard W. Whittle
Caroline Hilner [Hibner] Whittle 1911, North Side, dau. of John Nelson Whittle Jr.
Richard W. Whittle, 1883, South Side, son of John Nelson Whittle Jr.
Ella Whittle & child, 1882, South Side, wife of Richard W. Whittle

Section F-8 SW ¼ – Lot Owner H. G. Witthl
Maggie R. Whittle, 14 Dec 1897

In a lot owned by Jas & Elizabeth Whittle
Sarah E. Whittle, 27 May 1890

New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore
Alice Clara (Kraeger) Whittle, 25 Nov 1877 – 21 Sep 1945, wife of William A.

Alice Ellen (McDonald) Whittle, 20 Dec 1847-23 Apr 1929, wife of Edward Dorsey Whittle

Baltimore National Cemetery, Baltimore
Caroll B. Whittle, 18 Jan 1884 – 25 Dec 1953
Elizabeth (Lloyd) Whittle, 29 Mar 1885 – 15 Dec 1991
George K. Whittle, 21 May 1901 – 19 Jan 1968
Henry Lyman Whittle 27 Oct 1870 – 12 Sep 1962
Juanita Whittle, 19 Feb 1872 – 10 Apr 1961

Maryland Veterans Cemetery, Crownsville
William Elliott Whittle, 15 Jan 1934 – 12 Oct 1981

Old Bethel Cemetery, Odentown
Albert C. Whittle, 1911-1988
Annie M. Whittle, 1851-1912
Charles A. Whittle, 1887-1961
Charles A. Whittle, 1884-1940
Charles Eltinger Whittle, 1914 – 1979
Ethel (Fairall) Whittle, 1917 – 2003
Lillian S. Whittle 1887 – 1948
N. Peter Whittle, 1887 – 1948


Whittle Family Tree

Below is a compiled list of marriages from various sources. The problem with a list of marriages is once again, there is no context. We don’t know the ages of the individuals (especially on the older marriages) and we don’t know if these are first or second marriages.

By 1646 – William Whittle married Madgelen (Unknown)**
1654 – George Whittle married Dorothy (Unknown)**
1659 – William Whittle married Susanna Williams**
By 1670 – George Whittle married Alice Parker**
By 1674 – Ann Whittle married Francis Hopewell**
1700 – William Whittle married Mary Disney**
1715 – Nicholas Whittle married Katherine (Unknown)**
1724 – Francis Whittle married Sara Cole**
By 1730 – John W. Whittle married Eleanor (unknown)**
1751-1755 – Eleanor Whittle married Cornelius Barry***
By 1762 – John W. Whittle, Jr. married Rachel White **
20 Dec 1783 – David Whittle married Ann Wood, Baltimore County*
7 Jan 1784 Richard Whittle married Elizabeth Burland, Baltimore**
2 Mar 1789 – Eleanor Whittle married Robert Wood, Anne Arundel*
13 Dec 1794 – Richard Whittle married Elizabeth Baldwin. Anne Arundel*
25 Feb 1795 – Zachariah Whittle married Elizabeth Disney, Baltimore*
1796 – John Whittle married Charity Forrest, Baltimore**
4 Feb 1797 – Elizabeth Whittle married James Farley, Baltimore*
16 Jun 1804 – Jeremiah Whittle married Nancy Best
20 Jan 1807 – Richard Whittle married Honora McKenzie**
16 Oct 1810 – Nicholas Whittle married Clara Forrest, Baltimore*
5 Sep 1815 – Mary Whittle married Richard Jones in Baltimore*
1817 – Susannah Whittle married Thomas Hooper**
5 Dec 1818 – Jeremiah Whittle married Elizabeth Eyles
8 Mar 1824 – Delilah Whittle married Frederick Arnold, Baltimore*
30 Mar 1829 – Elizabeth (Betsie) Whittle married Jesse Boyer, Anne Arundel.*
1830 – John N. Whittle married Cynthia Ann H. Ward**
1831 – Emeline Whittle married Wm H. Connelly**
12 Nov 1835 – Julianna Whittle married John Boyer, Anne Arundel.* (Julianna is the sister of Betsie)
30 Oct 1842 – Thomas Whittle married Sarah Flayhart
1843 David Whittle married Lucretia Hobbs**
1844 – Benjamin Whittle married Rosina Kinzendorff**
13 Oct 1850 – Maria Whittle married John Scott, Baltimore*
10 Dec 1850 – Martha Whittle married Andrew J. McCoy, Baltimore*
By 1863 – Thomas Stockton Whittle married Berdelia Obrien
8 Nov 1864 – Charles Nicholas Whittle married Margaret Sevilla Boone
About 1865 – Samuel N. Whittle married Georgeanne Higle

*From Ancestry collection – Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp. Maryland Marriages, 1655-1850 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2004.
** From the notes of Ruth Brooks – these are from her compilation of marriages and do not list individual sources. They are provided for information purposes – you should do your own confirmation work.
*** From the research and documentation provided by Rick Sanders.


Whittle Family Tree

Well the simple fact of the matter is that I’m on information overload. I sat down and went through all the information I have on the Whittles and started trying to sort out all the collected documentation so that I could write a summary. I am still looking for name of the father of Samuel Whittle. I am also unable to name the parents of Jeremiah and John Nelson Whittle born c. 1770s. Jeremiah is the grandfather of Samuel, and according to the family, Jeremiah and John Nelson are brothers.

My friend Marcia told me that sometimes you can only see the whole picture when you put it on paper or into a database. I created a large spreadsheet in Excel where I just covered the known information of birth, marriage, death, and parentage, and that turned into about eight pages. I was looking for people that fit into those “unnamed male age 10-15” slots from the early census records and what a mess that turned out to be. It’s bits and pieces of things without solid connections. I sat and stared at it and had the feeling that it’s there, I just can’t see it.

Arwen came by and looked at it and we discussed the gaps in the records – okay there are huge gaps in the records! There is documentation of a series of Whittles in Maryland from 1646 arrival to a group of Whittle siblings born 1730 – 1737. Then the next documented Whittles appear to be born in the mid-1750s and later. It creates generational gaps in the documentation. This is further complicated by the lack of “named” documentation. Those darling early census records which list a sex and age group. These are often helpful for elimination, but hardly proof-positive of anything else. There are no guarantees that the female between ages 26 to 36 is really the wife of the head of household. She could just as easily be a sister, cousin, or the hired help!

There are very few Whittle households listed in the early census records considering the number of people that appear later. The other issue is that there is no guarantee these are our people. Not every Whittle that appears is going to be part of the line that I’m searching. There are still Whittles immigrating throughout the 18th and 19th century and they come from Ireland, England, and Germany. Their children born in Maryland become part of the confusion factor in the late half of the 1800s.

The other part of the equation is that not everyone who came to Maryland stayed in Maryland. Many came as indentured servants, many of the first generation were “bound to others” at the age of sixteen and they went where their masters went. Like all families they had members that moved on and there are large populations of Whittles in the states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, to name just a few. Sorting out who belongs to who could take a lifetime and may never happen without more documentation.

I’ve decided that I’m going to put the information up in groups: immigration, birth (not much of that considering the era we are dealing with), marriage, death (wills, obits, cemetery), and other loose information. Then I’ll post my Excel file (at least part of it) with my theories and let everyone poke holes in them. Maybe something in this pile will trigger a reader to look through their pile of stuff and add to the mix.

So let’s begin with the early immigration:
From: The Early Settlers of Maryland, An Index of Names of Immigrants Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland by Gust Skordas

1646 – William and Magdalen Whittle) arrive.
1657 – Susan Whittle with 2 daughters named Elizabeth & Susan Williams arrive.
1658 – George Whittle arrives. George Whittle and Alice Parker patent 400 acres of land in Anne Arundel County. George is dec’d by 1677.
15 Jul 1659 – One of the several men named Nicholas Whittle arrives.

From Passengers to America: A Consolidation of Ship Passengers from the New England Historical and Genealogical Register by Michael Tepper (Editor)
Nicholas Whittle arrived Virginia, aged 22, from Leland, Lancashire. Footnote states he was the bastard son of Nicholas Whittle and Alice Parker, baptized 19 Apr 1676. Leland is a parish in which there is a township Whittle-Le-Woods.

There are other later records of Whittles from Ireland and Germany, but this is the principle group in Maryland.

Census Records
Maryland Heads of Household thru the 1840 census, all spelling is from the index on Ancestry – I did not list anything beyond the obvious.

1790 Census
David Whittle is the only Whittle listed for Maryland as a Head of Household

1800 Census
Ann Whittle, Anne Arundel
John Whittle, Frederick County
Zachariah Whittle, Prince George County
Benj Whittell, Montgomery County

1810 Census
Richard Whittle, Baltimore
Jeremiah Whittle, Baltimore
Zacharia Whittle, Prince George
George Wittel, Charles
James Wittel, Charles
Solomon Wittle, Charles

1820 Census
Nicholas Whittle, Anne Arundel Co
Reed (should be Richard) Whittle, Baltimore
Jeremiah Whittle, Baltimore
John Whittle, Frederick County
Zachariah Whittle, Prince George
John Wittle, Frederick
Thos Whittle, District of Columbia

1830 Census
Honor Whittle, Baltimore
Jeremiah Whittle, Baltimore
William Whittle, Baltimore
Nich Whittles, Anne Arundel
John Wddle, Frederick

1840 Census
Hannah Whittle, Baltimore (this appears to be Honora)
Jeremiah Whittle, Baltimore
John N. Whittle, Carroll


Whittle Family Tree

As I try to wrap up the Whittles so I can move on to something else, I find myself left with a “pile” of information concerning the Whittles in Maryland. Sadly, I have no context for the material. We’ve all been in this position. “I know they’re related. I just don’t know how.” While I might be willing to take a couple of leaps of faith on my personal genealogy – I am unwilling to do so with another persons family. My best efforts have not allowed me to connect the dots from here, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t make those connections – it just means that I can’t.

When I was reviewing all the materials last week, I found a tree posted on Ancestry that listed the parents of Jeremiah Whittle (born c. 1775-1785) as Richard Whittle and Elizabeth Burling – it did not reveal any sources. There is a marriage record dated 7 Jan 1784, for Richard Whittell and Elizabeth Burling from the First German Reformed Church in Baltimore. I have requested the source information for tying Richard and Jeremiah together from the tree owner, but haven’t yet heard back. As with anything found on Ancestry it is wise to check all the information for yourself and in general I consider the family trees to be nothing more than leads in my research.

I went in search of more information concerning the potential relationship between Jeremiah and Richard, and in the results of my Google search (“richard whittle” baltimore genealogy) I found The Burling Books Ancestors and Descendants of Edward and Grace Burling, Quakers (1600-2000) Volume 1 by Jane Thompson-Stahr1, which appears to be well sourced. Page 328 – 333 are about Elizabeth Burling and it does discusses Richard Whittell and Elizabeth Burlings marriage. Page 329 states that Richard is the son of Anna Maria Curzon and Thomas Whittel and that Richard and Elizabeth had one child, Anna Maria Whittell, born in 1784. A good portion of this research is based on the extant letters of Elizabeth Burling and her family.

Elizabeth moved to Mississippi, but Richard (according to Ms Thompson- Stahr’s research) does not appear to go with Elizabeth and no other Whittle children are mentioned. On pg 331 Ms Thompson-Stahr discusses what may have become of Richard, including the fact, “On 15 Dec 1794, an Elizabeth Baldwin married a Richard Whittle in the same church in Baltimore where Elizabeth Burling had been married to Richard Whittell in 1784.” The 1794 marriage is a little outside the range for Jeremiah, but as we all know, census records are not really all that reliable for age.

You have to love an author that follows through and provides the documentation of not only what is known, but what is clearly not known. Ms. Thompson-Stahr provides possibilities in an unbiased manner and also lets us know what she has checked so we are clear on how thorough the research was. She obviously gets the whole concept of the Genealogical Proof Standard and has tried to resolve the conflict of what becomes of Richard.

Unfortunately, I am no closer now to discovering the parentage of Jeremiah Whittle then I was a week ago. Unless there is some clear evidence from the tree owner which ties Jeremiah to Richard, I am considering this lead to be another dead end. I’m telling you – those Whittle men just want to remain anonymous!

Over the next several days I will post all the extraneous facts that I have acquired in a chronological manner. Perhaps someone else can use them, or as more things become available perhaps I will be able to make the connections.

Jane Thompson-Stahr, The Burling Books Ancestors and Descendants of Edward and Grace Burling, Quakers 91600-2000) Volume 1 (Baltimore, Maryland: Gateway Press, Inc., 2001), p. 328 – 333


Whittle Family Tree

Well – I’m so far behind it’s insane, but I need to wrap this up in some way. There are a lot of loose ends when it comes to the Whittle line. It seems that there are no smoking guns and some names in the line are just not meant to be known. So lets recap!

This project started in Oct 2008 and the focus was looking for information on the Samuel Whittle Family interred in Govanstown Presbyterian Cemetery in Baltimore. It began simply enough with trying to confirm who might be in the Whittle plot. Never say a project is “simple” – you doom it from the very beginning! While the basic information for who was in the plot was not that difficult to locate – there was nothing simple about the Whittle line. Never have so many MEN remained so elusive!

Samuel N. Whittle died 7 Oct 1892 in Allegheny City (Pittsburg) PA when he fell from a window. Using news articles and census records, I was able to establish that he was a married to Georgeanne Higle, (c. 1846 – c. 1875), who died of tuberculosis, and he had two daughters, Clara May (1866-1946) and Maggie S. (c.1869-1897). He was the son of an Unknown Whittle and Eliza [Unknown] Whittle (c.1815-1896). Samuel had an older brother Charles Nicholas Whittle (1838-1916) and both brothers had served in the Civil War. Charles went by his middle name of Nicholas, which has often left me wondering if his father might not have been a Charles also.

While I have had no success in providing the name of Samuel’s father, I was more successful with the sibling lines of the Unknown Whittle. There were at least five children born to Jeremiah Whittle and Nancy Best between 1805 and 1815, three males and two females, all of whom remain unknown by name. Samuel’s father was the youngest of that group, born c. 1915. After the death of Nancy Best, Jeremiah married Elizabeth Eyle and four more children Thomas (c.1826 – c. 1863), Susan A. (1822 – 1916), Jeremiah Amos (1824 – 1902), and John R. (c. 1829 – unk). These lines were a great deal of fun to explore and provided lots of juicy information.

Sadly, with the Whittle men there are always more questions than answers. With help from family member Ruth I was able to establish a few more facts and chase a few more leads. I actually had more fun following up on the information about Thomas Whittle – uncle to Samuel N. Whittle. It was a great exercise in “debunking” family lore and published accounts concerning his Civil War service. While we will probably never know what happened to Thomas – we know that he could not have died at Shiloh.

I have provided links below to the previous posts on the Whittle family if you need to refresh and then we’ll move on to all the loose material that I have located, but can’t attach.

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The Whittle Family Tree

So what’s next? I have two more sons in the Jeremiah Whittle & Elizabeth Eyle family group to research. When dealing with family groups that are not together after 1850 it is sometimes difficult to establish who belongs to whom. How do we know that Jeremiah A. and John R. are sons and not cousins or completely unrelated? With Susan we knew from a census record that had placed her with Elizabeth Whittle, and with Thomas, I was working from Ruth’s personal knowledge and documented research. With Jeremiah A. and John R., I also have Ruth’s research to work from.

Based on the news article posted in Doubting Thomas 2 on 13 Dec 2008 , we know that Thomas had a brother Jeremiah that lived in Long Green in 1890. I had no trouble locating Jeremiah on the 18501 , 18602, 18703, 18804, and 1900 Federal Censuses5. His occupations are Post & Railer (fence builder), an exterminator, and a farm laborer.

Throughout this period we find him with his wife Ellen L. and they have many, many children. There is an IGI reference for a marriage 9 Jan 1849 in Baltimore, but I have not found a separate document for this yet.

The 1900 Federal Census is, of course, one of my favorites. The family is still in Jarrettsville and states that he and his wife Ellen L. have been married 50 years. I’d bet that this was an “about” number as the 1850 census lists a child age 1. Ellen’s birth date of Mar 1827 is about a year off from other records.

One of the more important things here are the columns with “Mother of how many children” and “Number of these children living.” Ellen lists 13 children with six living – as I said, many children. The census records account for 12: Edith Whittle abt 1849, Elizabeth Whittle abt 1850, Barbara Whittle abt 1852, Thomas Whittle abt 1856, Silas Whittle abt 1858, Charles Whittle abt 1861, Joseph Whittle abt 1863, Harry Whittle abt 1865, Rachel Whittle abt 1867, John Whittle abt 1869, Margaret A. Whittle abt 1874

We know someone is missing – a child that was born and died within the census gap. While women may use an “about” for how long they have been married, they are very precise about the number of children they had, even if they died at birth. I have seen the name Armeco in connection with this family, but I have found no documents that list that name. I looked at each census record and read the names to make sure all 12 were properly indexed and they appear to be.

With Jeremiah A. Whittle there is a Certificate of Death in the Maryland State Archives6. His death date is listed as 1902 June 14 with an age of 78 years, 4 months, and 15 days caused by Paralysis. Using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator we determined his date of birth is 30 Jun 1824. That record clearly states that he is the husband of Ellen L. Monroe, his father’s name is Jeremiah and his mother’s maiden name is Elizabeth Hall. As we all know, the names are all suspect as it is not Jeremiah providing the information, but someone else. If his wife is the person providing the information would she remember his mother’s maiden name under the pressure of the situation? We all know this is how mistakes are easily made and easily perpetuated.

According to Ruth’s documentation Jeremiah A. Whittle is buried in William Watters United Methodist Cemetery in Cooptown, Harford, Maryland. I have requested a photo of the stone (if there is one) on

The final named brother is John R. Whittle. This name was supplied by Ruth along with the information that he married Priscilla Francis. She listed two daughters Mary Whittle b. 1855 and Sarah Whittle b. 1858. Ruth was able to find Priscilla in the 1860 census with her two daughters in District 11 (the Post Office is Little Gundpowder) but she is living with her brother Charles Francis and his family. Unlike his very well documented brother Jeremiah, John is no where to be found. John R. Whittle is a classic poorly documented Whittle male, except that he has a name!

There are several family trees on line that give some additional information such as middle names, but I have been unable to locate any documentation to support most of the information.

1. 1850 Federal Census of United States, Maryland, Baltimore County, p. 127, dwelling 336, family 341, Household of R. L. Munroe; digital images, The Generations Network, ( : accessed 15 Dec 2008).
2. 1860 U.S. census, Baltimore, Maryland population schedule, District 11, p. 178, dwelling 1213, family 1203, Household of Jeremiah Whittle; digital images, Ancestry ( : accessed 15 Dec 2008); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm M653, roll 469
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The Whittle Family Tree

Sorry I have been gone so long – sometimes you don’t get to do all the fun things you like to do in life. If I am lucky, I’m following a hot lead on another family line, but usually it is just the mundane events in life that proves to be the big distraction. Arwen has been much more faithful in keeping up with her posting then I am, so I will need to catch up.

Since I have been away so long I think it might be wise to recap – for my benefit as well as yours. I began the research on the family of Samuel N. Whittle (1842-1892) of Baltimore, Maryland. We quickly established his family group and we know that Samuel, his wife Georgeanne, and two daughters, Clara and Maggie, are all in the family plot at Govanstown Cemetery in Baltimore. His line ended with his two daughters as neither married or had children. The family consisted of:

Samuel N. Whittle (1842-1892) son of Unknown 1 Whittle & Eliza Unknown
Georgeanne Higle (1842- ) dau. of Joseph Higle & Leah Shealey
Clara May Whittle (1866–1946) dau. of Samuel N. Whittle & Georgeanne Higle
Maggie S. Whittle (1869-1897) dau. of Samuel N. Whittle & Georgeanne Higle

We were able to establish that Samuel had been a Lt. in F Company, 7th Maryland during the Civil War. This of course led to research on his brother Charles Nicholas Whittle and his Civil War service. Much of this was done in hopes of figuring out the name of the father of Samuel and Charles and their mother’s maiden name. There was no such luck, although we were able to discover the names of our Unknown Whittle’s parents.

Unknown 1 Whittle (died before 1850) son of Jeremiah Whittle & Nancy Best
Eliza Unknown (abt 1815-1896) dau. of unknown parents
Samuel N. Whittle (1842-1892)
Charles Nicholas Whittle (1838-1916)

The most recent work was in Jeremiah Whittle’s family group. The family group based on all the currently documented research is:

Jeremiah Whittle (abt 1775- ) son of unknown parents
Nancy Best (abt 1775-abt 1817) dau. of unknown parents – married 16 Jun 1804
Male Unknown 2 Whittle (bef. 1810- )
Male Unknown 3 Whittle (bef 1810- )
Female Unknown 1 Whittle (bef. 1815- )
Female Unknown 2 Whittle (bef. 1820- )
Unknown 1 Whittle (bef. 1820-bef. 1850) – father of Samuel

Jeremiah then married Elizabeth Eyle (1785-1877) on 5 Dec 1818 in Baltimore
Thomas Whittle (abt 1820- )
Susan Ann Whittle (1822-1916)
Jeremiah Amos Whittle (1824-1902)
John R. Whittle (1829- )
With the lack of information for my Unknown 1 Whittle, I began research on the known children in hopes of finding something more. I began with Susan Ann Whittle aka Susannah and was able to establish her marriage to Benjamin Barber 28 Nov 1839 in Baltimore. This family group detailed in the 1 Dec 2008 post Oh Susannah! is:

Susan Ann Whittle Barber (1822-1916) buried in Govanstown near her mother Elizabeth.
Benjamin Barber/Barbour ( – bef 1850)
Lucretia Barber (1841- ) m. William I. Thompson
Amanda E. Barber (1845-1920) m. Charles T. Abell

My next child to research was Thomas (abt. 1820 – ). As you may recall Thomas was the subject of a series of posts due to his unique story. Was he killed in the Civil War or did he simply desert as suggested? The family is well covered due to extensive research by Ruth Brooks. Thomas Whittle married Sarah Flayhart on 30 Oct 1842 in Baltimore, Maryland. The family group is:

Thomas Whittle (abt 1820- ) assumed dead Civil War
Sarah Flayhart (1822-1890) dau. of John Flayhart & Mary Unknown
Andrew Jameson (1844-1852)
Edward Dorsey (1847-1937) m. Alice Ellen McDonald
Sarah Rebecca (1849-1880) m. William H. Greenfield
Ann Ellen (1852-1933) m. William W. Hoffman
Joshua Talbott (1856-1909) m. Mary Elizabeth Schoal
Robert Spencer Vinton (1860-1864)

Phew – we are now caught up!! So the next couple of posts will deal with the other known children of Jeremiah and Elizabeth to wrap up that family group. After that is complete we’ll decide where to go next.


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