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So what’s next? I have two more sons in the Jeremiah Whittle & Elizabeth Eyle family group to research. When dealing with family groups that are not together after 1850 it is sometimes difficult to establish who belongs to whom. How do we know that Jeremiah A. and John R. are sons and not cousins or completely unrelated? With Susan we knew from a census record that had placed her with Elizabeth Whittle, and with Thomas, I was working from Ruth’s personal knowledge and documented research. With Jeremiah A. and John R., I also have Ruth’s research to work from.

Based on the news article posted in Doubting Thomas 2 on 13 Dec 2008 , we know that Thomas had a brother Jeremiah that lived in Long Green in 1890. I had no trouble locating Jeremiah on the 18501 , 18602, 18703, 18804, and 1900 Federal Censuses5. His occupations are Post & Railer (fence builder), an exterminator, and a farm laborer.

Throughout this period we find him with his wife Ellen L. and they have many, many children. There is an IGI reference for a marriage 9 Jan 1849 in Baltimore, but I have not found a separate document for this yet.

The 1900 Federal Census is, of course, one of my favorites. The family is still in Jarrettsville and states that he and his wife Ellen L. have been married 50 years. I’d bet that this was an “about” number as the 1850 census lists a child age 1. Ellen’s birth date of Mar 1827 is about a year off from other records.

One of the more important things here are the columns with “Mother of how many children” and “Number of these children living.” Ellen lists 13 children with six living – as I said, many children. The census records account for 12: Edith Whittle abt 1849, Elizabeth Whittle abt 1850, Barbara Whittle abt 1852, Thomas Whittle abt 1856, Silas Whittle abt 1858, Charles Whittle abt 1861, Joseph Whittle abt 1863, Harry Whittle abt 1865, Rachel Whittle abt 1867, John Whittle abt 1869, Margaret A. Whittle abt 1874

We know someone is missing – a child that was born and died within the census gap. While women may use an “about” for how long they have been married, they are very precise about the number of children they had, even if they died at birth. I have seen the name Armeco in connection with this family, but I have found no documents that list that name. I looked at each census record and read the names to make sure all 12 were properly indexed and they appear to be.

With Jeremiah A. Whittle there is a Certificate of Death in the Maryland State Archives6. His death date is listed as 1902 June 14 with an age of 78 years, 4 months, and 15 days caused by Paralysis. Using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator we determined his date of birth is 30 Jun 1824. That record clearly states that he is the husband of Ellen L. Monroe, his father’s name is Jeremiah and his mother’s maiden name is Elizabeth Hall. As we all know, the names are all suspect as it is not Jeremiah providing the information, but someone else. If his wife is the person providing the information would she remember his mother’s maiden name under the pressure of the situation? We all know this is how mistakes are easily made and easily perpetuated.

According to Ruth’s documentation Jeremiah A. Whittle is buried in William Watters United Methodist Cemetery in Cooptown, Harford, Maryland. I have requested a photo of the stone (if there is one) on

The final named brother is John R. Whittle. This name was supplied by Ruth along with the information that he married Priscilla Francis. She listed two daughters Mary Whittle b. 1855 and Sarah Whittle b. 1858. Ruth was able to find Priscilla in the 1860 census with her two daughters in District 11 (the Post Office is Little Gundpowder) but she is living with her brother Charles Francis and his family. Unlike his very well documented brother Jeremiah, John is no where to be found. John R. Whittle is a classic poorly documented Whittle male, except that he has a name!

There are several family trees on line that give some additional information such as middle names, but I have been unable to locate any documentation to support most of the information.

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