Children of Arnold and Abigail

Scholefield Family Tree

Since I haven’t been able to discover information about Arnold’s parents yet, I am going to research his children. Yes, that might sound like an odd way to go about things. And I am not doing this because I am giving up on finding his parents. Instead, I am hoping that by locating additional children I might find another clue about the older generations. It is probably too much to hope for, but I’d like to find another biography that names the older generations (so cross your fingers!)

The census is a great place to start and in reviewing the censuses found for Arnold and Abigail’s family,1 it can be noted that we are “missing” some children. (Ok, they aren’t really missing, they just don’t have names — like Sharon’s Whittles.) From the census records, the family likely had the following members:

Arnold's Children

It must be noted that there is no proof that the people who were recorded in the household over the years are children. They might have been relatives or even servants, but since the number of people in the family is consistent throughout the years, it is a great place to start.

So with this starting point, it looks like I am looking for six female and two male children. If I assume that the people who shared last names in 1850 and 1860 (Charlotte and George) are siblings, I am still looking for five females. The ages give me a guideline, but as one can see, the ages were not reported consistently from year to year.

The next step is to look around for female Scholefields of the appropriate ages in various resources.

1. See posts dated 30 Mar 2009 and 1 Sep 2008.

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