Scholefield Family Tree

Two years ago, to the day, I began this project. Where possible using online resources I have traced the family back and branched out to include siblings and the birth dates of their children. I am ready to call this one as done as I am going to get it at this point. Another project coming soon!

Compiled Report

This is a report of findings as I have entered them. Some bits from the blog may not have made it into this report and if you want to understand the steps taken to produce this work, the blog is invaluable.

The Scholefield Project


Scholefield Family Tree

Actually, the digging wasn’t too stressful. They sat right up and waived their hands frantically so I’d see them!

I have officially hit the jackpot during this “survey previous research” stage as I check works that have been compiled by others. The following places are those places that I search to determine if previous research has been completed:

The first is World Connect. People can post their GEDCOMs and they become searchable for free. I won’t restate all that I found there, but we’ll leave it at the fact that this tree traces the Dusenburys back several generations.

Another is just a general Google search. Using keywords ‘”Henry Dusenbury” Ogden’ leads me to additional information about the Ogden line at this site. Google also wanted me to correct the name so that it would read Dusenberry.

And, of course, has quite a bit of information that has been submitted about these older families.

The best thing about being able to get back this far is that usually someone else has “done the work.” (Though keep in mind that their work may be riddled with errors — but it is a good place to start.)


Scholefield Family Tree

Interestingly enough, I now have more information about the Hawkins family than I do the Moores. This is somewhat surprising because usually the women are harder to find what with the Western tradition of taking a husband’s name.

Locating the census for Martha Hawkins and her 4 children in 18501 firms up the family groups. I can’t prove that some of these people are related, but with the names being traded as middle names between the families, the fact that William Hawkins was dead by 1850 and the match of the family in 1850 to the children who were baptized the day that William died, I propose the following families:

John Hawkins and Lena’s children:

Horace Hawkins
Susanna Hawkins who married Michael Moore
William Provoost Hawkins who married Martha Hawkins (so reads the record — maybe a cousin?)

Michael Moore and Susanna Hawkins’s children:

Horace Hawkins Moore (named after his uncle)
John Jacob Moore (named after his mother’s father)
James Armour Moore
Samuel Armour Moore

William Provoost Hawkins and Martha Hawkins’s children:

Susan Moore Hawkins (named after her aunt’s husband)
John Henry Hawkins
Horace Hawkins
Charles Hawkins

The next step I took was to return to FamilySearch to see if I could find any additional information about John and Lena. Using the advanced search for “John Hawkins” and spouse “Lena” returns a patron ordinance sheet that listed the couple. It states that John Hawkins married Lenah Dusenbury about 1784. She was listed as being “of Harrison, Westchester, New York.”2

A search for Lenah and then a batch search in the record set her information was found in turns up more about the female line (again!).3

Henry Dusenbury married Susannah Ogden. They are consistently listed as “of Harrison, Westchester, New York.” Their children:

Henry Dusenbury b. 1757
Wilmot Dusenbury (female) b. 17 Feb 1759
Lenah Dusenbury b. 5 Aug 1763
Freelove Dusenbury b. 13 Nov 1766
Parthenia Dusenbury b. 19 Sep 1772

1. 1850 U.S. census, Westchester County, New York population schedule, Rye, p. 96B, dwelling 58, family 12, Martha Hawkins household; digital images, ( : accessed 22 Feb 2010); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm M432, roll 615.
2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [LDS], “International Genealogical Index,” database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 26 Feb 2010), North America Region, entry for John Hawkins and Lenah Dusenbury, married abt 1784; citing FHL microfilm 1,553,838 (Patron ordinance submission sheets, 1969-1991), batch no. 5027008.
3. If you are interested in finding each reference, use the batch no. 5027006 or search using the names and dates provided above.