Details About Arnold

Scholefield Family Tree Since it is possible that Arnold and Abigail were Charles’s parents, the next step is to gather further information about them.1 George’s biography points in some interesting directions. Of interesting ancestry, the best remembered of the family is the paternal great-grandfather, Sir William Scholefield, who was born in England, as was his … Read more

Globe Cemetery

Scholefield Family Tree The cemetery in Globe is the resting place for several Moore family members. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that you should always check multiple transcriptions whenever available. Burial lists for the Globe Cemetery are located in three places online: Gila County AZGenWeb — Contains what appears to be … Read more

Evergreen Cemetery

Scholefield Family Tree We visited the Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson, Arizona, today and located all the members of this family who are buried in Tucson (that we know of so far!). In Block 1, Section F (Elks)1 Armour M. Scholefield, 29 Jul 1883 – 30 Nov 1906 [He was moved from the Citizen’s Cemetery when … Read more