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Scholefield Family Tree

Since it is possible that Arnold and Abigail were Charles’s parents, the next step is to gather further information about them.1 George’s biography points in some interesting directions.

blockquoteOf interesting ancestry, the best remembered of the family is the paternal great-grandfather, Sir William Scholefield, who was born in England, as was his son Arnold, the paternal grandfather. Arnold Scholefield was a dissenter from the Church of England, and in consequence was disinherited by his father, who cherished the old-time intolerance of all save his own method of worship. In search of broader and more liberal fields in which to preach the gospel as propounded by the Methodist Church, Rev. Arnold Scholefield came to America, and ministered to the spiritual necessities of his locality in New York state until his death.2

However, could all of the details of this sensational story be true?

Google Books has several resources that support the fact that Arnold was a reverend. He is listed in the Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature3 and also the Troy Conference Miscellany.4 Both report that Arnold was born in Nova Scotia — not England. The longer biography in the Troy Miscellany reports that his parents were believed to be natives of the United States. He became pious at a young age and was admitted on trial to the Reading Conference in Connecticut in May of 1810 when he was about 22 years of age. He became a travelling preacher and served in Vermont, Connecticut, and New York. He became ill in 1828, which served to remove him from active ministry, returned in 1831 and died in 1836 or 7 (each source reports a different year) of Paralysis. He and his wife had been visiting friends and he was stricken near Palatine on the trip home. His wife took the reins and got him to the nearby tavern and he died a few days later. Reports were that he was a great minster, a lively preacher, and was well liked.

And apparently his family didn’t rate a mention… But, these articles directly call into question the report of his birth in England. It is still possible that his parents were born in England (as one source only “believed” his parents to be US natives). Nothing is found to support the assertion that Arnold’s father was a “Sir William” or that this father was a religiously intolerant person. The reports about Arnold were written in 1854 and 1889 — the biography for George was written in 1901 — and Arnold had died in the mid 1830s. It seems that the stories about him may have become more exaggerated as time passed.

One last fact about Arnold for now — a Google search led to his burial location. He was buried in Siloam Cemetery in Siloam, Madison, New York.5 He died 22 July 1836 at age 49. This places his birth date at about 1787 and agrees with the above mention of him being age 22 in 1810. The cemetery transcription states that he was “an itinerant minister of the Methodist Church for 26 years.” Siloam is about 75 miles away from Palatine.

Research Plan:

  • Search for facts about a Sir William Scholefield who was having children about 1787 in Nova Scotia.

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The Whittle Family Tree

I spent a couple of days looking at Susan Whittle Barber. This is the sister of our Unknown Whittle that we first found living with her mother Elizabeth Whittle in 1850. In 1850 the household consisted of:1

Elizabeth Wittle age 65
Susannah Barber age 27
Lucretia Barber age 9
Amanda E. Barber age 5

A quick search of Ancestry brings us more information including the marriage record of Susan A. Whittle to Benjamin Barber 28 Nov 1839 2 in Baltimore, Maryland and they appear on the 1840 Census in District 2, Baltimore.3 Benjamin is between 20 and 30 and Susan is between 15 and 20. Of course by 1850 Benjamin is not listed and Susan is living with her mother and her two daughters, Lucretia born about 1841 and Amanda E. born about 1845. This is yet another male in the Whittle family that goes missing in the late 1840s. I started out thinking that this is some kind of male Whittle issue, but now I’m wondering what the women did that all these men go missing!!

In 1860 there is a census record for a Susan E. Barber is in District 9, Baltimore City and is the head of household, but her 19 year old daughter Lucretia has married William J. Thompson, a 31 year old carpenter from Pennsylvania and Amanda has been erroneously enumerated as Amanda Thompson rather than Barber.4 Susan is working as a Toll Gate keeper. The middle initial at this point did not concern me.

Next up is Susan Barber (no middle initial) in 1870 and this census located her in Ward 12 of Baltimore City as a member of the household of Charles Abell.5 It appears that her younger daughter Amanda has now married Charles Abell, a printer. Also included in the household, are their two young daughters, Virginia born about 1866, and Grace born about 1869.

This is where it gets a little different. The 1870 census is the last time I find Susan Whittle as a “Barber”. An extensive search failed to turn her up with that name in the Census records. However, while searching for information on the Whittles, I had happened across a plot in Govans Presbyterian Church Cemetery for Mrs. Susan E. Barbour, born 24 Mar 1822, and interred 9 Dec 1916. The cemetery records have a note stating “nee Whittle”.6 She shares lot 97 with Mrs. Benjamin Barbour, born 16 Apr 1817, interred 29 Apr 1848. HUH? Susan A. Whittle married Benjamin Barber in 1839, but Susan E. Barbour, nee Whittle, is sharing a plot with an unknown Mrs. Benjamin Barbour in Govans who died in 1848? My first thought was that this was Benjamin’s mother, but this woman was only five years older than Susan. A quick search of my usual sites did not bring me any news or obituaries. With names and interment dates, I have contacted Ruth and asked her to do a more extensive local search for obituaries.

Susan E. Barbour first appears in the 1880 Census.7 Her age is 56 and she is born in Maryland. Her parents match up with Jeremiah and Elizabeth Whittle as her father is born in Maryland and her mother is born in Pennsylvania. She is widowed, boarding with the Bull family, and working as a Tailoress. There is an 1890 Baltimore City Directory that provides an address of 229 N. Gilmore for Mrs. Susan E. Barbour.8

The 1900 Census places Susan E. Barbour as a boarder in the household of Alpheus Smith.9 This record gives us the birth date of March 1822, which matches our cemetery record. The new information is that she is the mother of three, with two children living. At 78 years of age, she has no occupation. The last time I locate Susan is on the 1910 census when she is 87 years of age and living in the Methodist Home for the Aged in Baltimore.10

In summary, what little I know at this moment is that Susan Whittle Barber/Barbour was born 24 Mar 1822. Susan A. Whittle married Benjamin Barber/Barbour 28 Nov 1939. Whether her real name is Susan A. or Susannah is not known, and without a family bible or baptismal records it will remain so. It is entirely possible the clerk that filled out paperwork for the marriage heard Susannah and wrote Susan A. If there is anyone in Baltimore that would like to find that original document and send me a copy, I would be happy to update the site. The first time the word widow appears is on the 1880 Census. Up until this time it has been an assumption on our part that she was widowed. She is interred as of 9 Dec 1916 in lot 97 of Govans Cemetery. Her mother Elizabeth is in lot 88 at Govans Cemetery with her grandson Samuel N. Whittle. Until other information becomes available this is where we stand with Susan.

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Scholefield Family Tree

The cemetery in Globe is the resting place for several Moore family members. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that you should always check multiple transcriptions whenever available.

Burial lists for the Globe Cemetery are located in three places online:
Gila County AZGenWeb — Contains what appears to be a reading of all gravemarkers in the cemetery.
The Arizona Gravestone Photo Project — Contains a large number of photographs of stones, but not all that appear in the above transcription.
FindAGrave — Contains almost 500 photographs of stones.

The following Moore family members are buried in the Globe Cemetery:

Mollie Shanley Moore

blockquoteMOORE, Mollie Shanley (Jun 3, 1874 – May 1, 1903), “At Rest” “We Loved Her” [the initials “D of H” at top of heart; heart contained words “Talitha Cumi”]1

Based on this transcription, I can firm up my suspicions that James Arthur Moore’s wife Mary A. from the 1900 Census found earlier2 is actually Mollie A. Shanley — she was alive until 1903. Additionally, photographs of her stone are available at arizonagravestones.org and findagrave.com. One photograph shows more of the stone, but the text is hard to read — on the other the text is clear and crisp, allowing for verification of the transcription.

Clara Moore ?Shanley?
On a whim, I checked the list of Shanleys on the transcription. Interestingly enough, I found that there is an entry for a three sided stone that lists a “Clara Moore, Died May 13, 1894, Aged 15 ms & 20 days.”3 I suspect that this was Mollie and James’s daughter. She was born a little more than a year after their marriage, and her sister, Maud T., was born about a year later — so it is possible! Additionally, I ran a check of death certificates for the area and found that one of the other children listed on the same stone was simply named Cecilia Rose instead of Cecilia Rose Shanley, meaning that Moore could be a last name. It seems that grandchildren might have been included on the Shanley stone.

Matilda J. Moore
This stone is not listed on the transcription (see why I said we need to check all possibilities). Eventhough Clara Scholefield’s mother seems to have gone by Jane most of the time, her stone lists her as Matilda J.4 The stone reports that she was born 10 Aug 1834 and from previous research, we can supply the missing month to determine that she died 8 Feb 1901.

John William Crampton
While Clara’s brother John Franklin Crampton is reportedly buried in Globe, there are no entries for him in any of the above resources. However, his children are noted. John William Crampton lived from 1883-1935.5

Rovilla J. Crampton
Eventhough Rovilla married a John V. Crowley in 1906, she is buried under her maiden name. This can lead to many assumptions about her life with Crowley. Maybe they divorced and she took back her maiden name? Or maybe her parents paid for the stone and did not put her married name on it? (Yes, I have seen that.)

Alfred B. Crampton

blockquoteCRAMPTON, Alfred B., Died Mar 25, 1891, Aged 1 mo & 1 day, Son of J.F. & R. Crampton

This is the name of the fourth child noted on the 1900 and 1910 Censuses for the Crampton family.6 A picture of his stone is available for reference.

Sarah Jane Kenyon
The stones for Clara’s half-sister’s family don’t add anything we didn’t already know. Sarah Jane Kenyon’s life spanned 1857-1957.7

Charles H. Kenyon
Charles lived from 1840 to 1906.8

Arthur M. Kenyon
And Arthur from 1878 to 1923.9

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Scholefield Family Tree

I posted the photographs of the graves located in Tucson to Find A Grave. While I was there, I searched the database for other Scholefields since the name is uncommon. Only 49 memorials have that last name (including the three I added).

One is an entry for George Parsons Scholefield who was born in 1860 but is listed with an unknown death date. Since the George I have been tracing has the same birthdate, I checked it out and discovered that the person who posted this memorial posted the BACKSIDE of a stone and added the data as if the people were acutally buried there (and, yes, I tried to point this out to the person, and she refuses to understand the concern and got touchy when I suggested to her how she could make the situation clearer).

Luckily, since this is the same George, and the person did photograph both sides of the stone in question, memorials were also created for his parents1 (however, their memorials are missing the backside of their stone ::sigh::).

Spencertown Cemetery
Columbia County
New York

Major Charles M. Scholefield
1819 – 1869
Helen Marr DeGraff
His Wife
1842 – 1920
Faithful Unto Death

Their Children
George Parsons Scholefield
1860 – ____
Virginia Scholefield McMillan
1862 – ____
Florence Scholefield Shaw
1864 – ____
Mae Scholefield Edwords
1869 – 1917

Hunting through the other memorials in the cemetery, I find that Florence is buried in Spencertown Cemetery with N. Archibald Shaw.2 He is presumably her husband. Her death date is listed there as 1923. Mae’s middle name turns out to be Stuart, and she married a man named Guy J. Edwords.3 Virginia is not buried there under the last name McMillan.

The foremost question to be answered after locating this cemetery is: Why is the family buried in Columbia County, New York, instead of Oneida County where they lived from 1850-1870? Especially since that date includes Charles’s death date of 1869? And most especially since Utica and Spencertown are 125 miles apart?

Research Plan:

  1. Determine the family connection to Spencertown.
  2. Locate George’s siblings on the censuses to fill in the basic information about their families.

1. Jim Tipton, Find A Grave, digital images (http://www.findagrave.com : accessed 11 Sep 2008), photograph, Major Charles M. Scholefield (1819-1869) and Helen Marr DeGraff Scholefield (1842-1920) gravemarker, Spencertown Cemetery, Spencertown, Columbia, New York.
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Scholefield Family Tree

We visited the Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson, Arizona, today and located all the members of this family who are buried in Tucson (that we know of so far!).

In Block 1, Section F (Elks)1

  • Armour M. Scholefield, 29 Jul 1883 – 30 Nov 1906 [He was moved from the Citizen’s Cemetery when it closed and the land was sold for private development.]
  • George P. Scholefield, 23 May 1860 – 31 Aug 1942
  • Clara Ann Scholefield, 2 May 1863 – 27 Nov 1947
Scholefield grave marker

Scholefield grave marker

In Block 42, Section A2

  • A. Major Brodie, 1909 – 1970
  • Helen M. Brodie, 1886 – 1957
Brodie grave marker

Brodie grave marker

1. Evergreen Cemetery and Mortuary (Tucson, Pima, Arizona), Scholefield family marker, block 1, section F; personally read, 2008.
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