Connecticut Leads

Scholefield Family Tree

Now that a general (but unverified) place is known for the Burnham family, the next step is to see if a likely father for Arnold was located in the area. Therefore, we search the 1810 and 1820 census for possible fathers in the Hartford, Connecticut, area.

A search of the 1810 Census for a head of household with the last name scho* in Connecticut turns up a Jno and a John both in New London County. A search for sco* reveals a whole slew of Scofields in Stamford and throughout Franklin County, Connecticut, there are even two “Wm. Scofield”s. A quick internet search for the Scofield family of Stamford reveals several family trees — with no Arnolds. The same searches for New York reveal several Schofields (no Williams) and, again, many Scofields.

A search of the 1820 census using the same four searches reveals that there was an enclave of Scholfields in New London Connecticut. The bevy of Scofields still in Stamford. A hit or miss group of Schofields still located throughout New York (including Arnold as the only one in Ulster County and no Williams), and no William Scofields in New York.

Again, our leads don’t pan out.

Research Plan:

  • Investigate possible children of Arnold Scholefield and Abigail Burnham.

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