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I swear that darn Arwen is like reminder central. I went with her to the program she gave the other night and having heard it twice before you would think that it would have already sunk in. It finally did this time, which confirms I’m a slow learner – something Arwen already knew! So I spent the last couple of days going back over my early research on this family and was preparing this post when I went in and read Arwen’s post. I realized that I had not checked ALL of the individuals on familysearch. You would think that I would utilize my darn checklist, but I got caught up in the “Thrill of the Hunt” and failed to follow my own protocols.

There are several items on familysearch which show death dates for Oscar Lee Gattis. The posted ancestral files and IGI relate death dates for Oscar of 1931 and a couple for 1929. These are from individual submissions and not from a specific film of documents so I still have no independent source information for either of these dates. The 1929 date does not include a location of any type and the 1931 date is only a year, but does say burial in Denver. It does not include a death location or a cemetery.

The other thing that needs to be done is to resolve conflicts. My Oscar Gattis does not appear to be the only Oscar Gattis. There is a marriage record from Franklin County Tennessee for Oscar Gattis and Jenette Brown from 5 Aug 1917. There are no ages given so Oscar could be anywhere from 8 to 80. Also there are several census records that make me wonder. 1900 Justice Precinct 6, Eastland Texas there is a young lady named Lula B. Gattis, born May 1879 in Tennessee. In 1900 Justice Precinct 1, Wise County, Texas, there is an Oscar Gattis born Feb 1878 in Tennessee who is a laborer. On the 1880 census in Lincoln County, Tennessee, Lula E. is older than Oscar. I went to the Family Trees on Ancestry for Oscar and one has the 1929 death date and lists a spouse of Lula Williams. There are no locations given or sources provided.

Well I am no better off now than I was before. Maybe I should have simply called it documenting conflicts rather than resolving.

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