GOOGLING For Dead People!

Govanstown Cemetery Project The Whittle Plot When you feel like you want to scream after a day of asking Ancestry to “Bring Out Your Dead!”– it’s time to go Google for Dead People! As I had already searched the newspaper subsciptions for further mention of Samuel’s fall, I thought it would be a good idea … Read more

Odds and Ends

Govanstown Cemetery Project The Whittle Plot I have a few loose ends out there that I should tell you about. The hard part of writing this blog is keeping up with telling you about where my search goes. I may write about a census search on a certain day and the Footnote search on another … Read more

Dangling From A Tree Limb

Govanstown Cemetery Project The Whittle Plot As I said earlier, Samuel Whittle has been an exercise in patience. The census records are usually our best bet for tracking someone through their life span, but Sam has been a tough nut to crack. To recap, we found Sam on the 1880 Federal Census by the “leaf” … Read more

A Footnote to History

Govanstown Cemetery Project The Whittle Plot For those of you that have not used Footnote it is the online outlet for the National Archives. You can search for free, and there is quite a bit of free content, but most of it is premium content that requires a subscription. A subscription goes for about $75 … Read more

The Lowest Branch of the Family Tree

Govanstown Cemetery Project The Whittle Plot Now that I’m comfortably sure I have the right man, I’m off to Ancestry for the basic grunt work – this is actually my favorite part! Put in a name and see what magic happens. Sometimes you get absolutely nothing and sometimes you get the whole family line. It’s … Read more

The Great Obituary Hunt

Govanstown Cemetery Project The Whittle Plot I went back to the little email from Dr. Anderson and while I was disappointed in my first attempt I wanted to try again. In looking at the list I felt something tug at me and noticed that I was unable to get past Samuel Whittle. No matter how … Read more

In The Beginning

Govanstown Cemetery Project My current work in Cold Genealogy began almost a year ago as an offshoot of research on my maternal line. I began searching for my 3rd great grandfather, Washington Harford, in Baltimore, Maryland. The search eventually yielded an obituary from the Baltimore Sun dated 29 Jun 1875 in which the funeral was … Read more