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It seems that an attempt to verify the statement from George’s obituary that he was a member of the posse that captured Geronimo is near impossible to confirm online.

Articles currently available online about Geronimo’s capture are:
Captain Lawton’s Campaign as recounted by Captain Leonard Wood
General Nelson Miles and the Expedition to Capture Geronimo

Essentially it boils down to the story that Geronimo and Naiche had initially surrendered in 1886 but then escaped and continued on their own way. General Miles directed Lieut. Lawton, who led his men into Mexico, to bring Geronimo back dead or alive. Miles also sent Lieut. Gatewood who eventually joined Lawton and found that Geronimo wished to peacefully surrender. The terms were eventually accepted and Geronimo agreed to follow the rest of his people to Florida. The hunt for Geronimo lasted from April through August and his and Naiche’s surrenders marked the end of the Apache Wars.

The assertion that Scholefield was a member of a “posse” is likely incorrect because the capture was a military affair. According to Wikipedia, Lawton commanded B Troop, 4th Cavalry, based out of Ft. Huachuca. It is possible that George joined the cavalry, but those enlistment records are not currently available online.

If I am so inclined, the search of military records of southern Arizona may be completed at the Arizona Historical Society. It will mean a fieldtrip to the University of Arizona.

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