A Timeline & Some Early Thoughts

Innis Family Tree

I’ve worked out a rough migration timeline for the locations based on the census records. There are a lot of family trees up on Ancestry, but I generally avoid them until after I have done my basic research through the census records and other available documents online. I like to see how much I can figure out first, plus I have been misled many times by poor family trees.

Based on the discrepancy in the ages of the Nancy’s on various census records it is probable that John H. Innis actually had two wives named Nancy, one born about 1805 and the other born about 1825. My best guess is the first Nancy died in the 1860s and John remarried before the 1870 census.

1 June 1840 – Roane Co., Tennessee, census,
9 July 1860 – Morgan Co., Tennessee census (Morgan Co. abuts Roane County),
1864 – Clinton Co., Kentucky Louisa C. (daughter of Thomas H.) is born,
25 Jul 1870 – Clinton Co., Kentucky, census
11 Jun 1880 – Clinton Co., Kentucky, census
22 Jun 1900 – Fannin Co., Texas, census

There are other family members on some of the census records which will help clarify siblings and perhaps other lines and I have attached them to the appropriate people, but I’m not going to explore siblings yet. I’m just itching to go look at Texas records. Then I’ll come back and do some work in the sibling lines and maybe look at the online family trees if I get stuck and need a lead!

The spellings I found on the various census records are Innis, Innes, Enos, Enes, Ennick. I’m going to continue to use Innis as the primary spelling in the posts, but all sources will be documented using the spelling on the record.

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