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Now that I have the names of James Armour Moore’s parents, will I be able to go back another generation? Finding the marriage record of the couple was not hard. It was also indexed for the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. An advanced search of familysearch.org for a Michael Moore with a spouse Susan who married about 1820 returns a marriage for “Michal” Moore to Susannah Hawkins on 10 Feb 1820 at Christ’s Church in Rye.1

This explains where Horace’s middle name came from and illustrates the fact that it it always a possibility that a couple will give a child a family surname as a middle name. If it hadn’t been so easy, I’d have likely checked both the name Hawkins and the name Armour as a possible last name for Susan.

The IGI also turns up a slew of Hawkinses in the same series of Christ’s Church records. I confirmed the information from the scans of the NYGBR at BYU.2 The names tell me I’m on the right track — Horace Hawkinses and Susan Moore Hawkinses.

John Hawkins and Lena
Horace c. 12 Aug 1792
Susanna c. 20 Mar 1793 (infant)

John Hawkins and Prudence
Dorothy c. 20 Mar 1793

Elizabeth Hawkins c. 20 Mar 1793 (witnesses were John and Prudence so Elizabeth could have been an adult)

John Hawkins
William Provoost c. 29 May 1803

William Hawkins and Martha Hawkins (m. 9 Nov 1822, Martha was baptised with her first daughter)
Susan Moore c. 1 Feb 1824
John Henry c. 22 Dec 1834 at age 10
Horace c. 22 Dec 1834 at age 7
Charles c. 22 Dec 1834 at age 5
Elizabeth c. 25 Feb 1849 (of the City of New York — baptism was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. Read Peck. The couple also witnessed John Henry’s, Horace’s, and Charles’s 1834 baptism, which had been held at the home of John Hawkins.)
Deborah c. 3 Mar 1850 (of the City of New York — which likely also ties her to Elizabeth and therefore Wm and Martha.)

15 Aug 1833 — Lana Hawkins, wife of John Hawkins of Sawpitt, aged 70 yrs.
22 Dec 1834 — William Hawkins of Rye, aged 30 years
4 Jun 1844 — Tuesday, buried at Port Chester, John Hawkins, aged 81 years & 4 mo.
7 May 1846 — Thurday, buried at Port Chester, Mary Hawkins of New York, aged 35 Years.
13 May 1850 — Monday, buried at Port Chester, Dorothy Hawkins, aged 69 years.
6 Dec 1851 — Saturday, at Port Chester, buried Elizabeth Hawkins, aged 75 years.

1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [LDS], “International Genealogical Index,” database, FamilySearch (http://www.familysearch.org : accessed 28 Jan 2010), North America Region, entry for “Michal” Moore and Susannah Hawkins, married 10 Feb 1820, Rye, Westchester County, New York; citing FHL microfilm 0,962,875 (The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record), batch no. C510161.
2. Specific citations upon request.

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