The Whittle Family Tree

Sorry I have been gone so long – sometimes you don’t get to do all the fun things you like to do in life. If I am lucky, I’m following a hot lead on another family line, but usually it is just the mundane events in life that proves to be the big distraction. Arwen has been much more faithful in keeping up with her posting then I am, so I will need to catch up.

Since I have been away so long I think it might be wise to recap – for my benefit as well as yours. I began the research on the family of Samuel N. Whittle (1842-1892) of Baltimore, Maryland. We quickly established his family group and we know that Samuel, his wife Georgeanne, and two daughters, Clara and Maggie, are all in the family plot at Govanstown Cemetery in Baltimore. His line ended with his two daughters as neither married or had children. The family consisted of:

Samuel N. Whittle (1842-1892) son of Unknown 1 Whittle & Eliza Unknown
Georgeanne Higle (1842- ) dau. of Joseph Higle & Leah Shealey
Clara May Whittle (1866–1946) dau. of Samuel N. Whittle & Georgeanne Higle
Maggie S. Whittle (1869-1897) dau. of Samuel N. Whittle & Georgeanne Higle

We were able to establish that Samuel had been a Lt. in F Company, 7th Maryland during the Civil War. This of course led to research on his brother Charles Nicholas Whittle and his Civil War service. Much of this was done in hopes of figuring out the name of the father of Samuel and Charles and their mother’s maiden name. There was no such luck, although we were able to discover the names of our Unknown Whittle’s parents.

Unknown 1 Whittle (died before 1850) son of Jeremiah Whittle & Nancy Best
Eliza Unknown (abt 1815-1896) dau. of unknown parents
Samuel N. Whittle (1842-1892)
Charles Nicholas Whittle (1838-1916)

The most recent work was in Jeremiah Whittle’s family group. The family group based on all the currently documented research is:

Jeremiah Whittle (abt 1775- ) son of unknown parents
Nancy Best (abt 1775-abt 1817) dau. of unknown parents – married 16 Jun 1804
Male Unknown 2 Whittle (bef. 1810- )
Male Unknown 3 Whittle (bef 1810- )
Female Unknown 1 Whittle (bef. 1815- )
Female Unknown 2 Whittle (bef. 1820- )
Unknown 1 Whittle (bef. 1820-bef. 1850) – father of Samuel

Jeremiah then married Elizabeth Eyle (1785-1877) on 5 Dec 1818 in Baltimore
Thomas Whittle (abt 1820- )
Susan Ann Whittle (1822-1916)
Jeremiah Amos Whittle (1824-1902)
John R. Whittle (1829- )
With the lack of information for my Unknown 1 Whittle, I began research on the known children in hopes of finding something more. I began with Susan Ann Whittle aka Susannah and was able to establish her marriage to Benjamin Barber 28 Nov 1839 in Baltimore. This family group detailed in the 1 Dec 2008 post Oh Susannah! is:

Susan Ann Whittle Barber (1822-1916) buried in Govanstown near her mother Elizabeth.
Benjamin Barber/Barbour ( – bef 1850)
Lucretia Barber (1841- ) m. William I. Thompson
Amanda E. Barber (1845-1920) m. Charles T. Abell

My next child to research was Thomas (abt. 1820 – ). As you may recall Thomas was the subject of a series of posts due to his unique story. Was he killed in the Civil War or did he simply desert as suggested? The family is well covered due to extensive research by Ruth Brooks. Thomas Whittle married Sarah Flayhart on 30 Oct 1842 in Baltimore, Maryland. The family group is:

Thomas Whittle (abt 1820- ) assumed dead Civil War
Sarah Flayhart (1822-1890) dau. of John Flayhart & Mary Unknown
Andrew Jameson (1844-1852)
Edward Dorsey (1847-1937) m. Alice Ellen McDonald
Sarah Rebecca (1849-1880) m. William H. Greenfield
Ann Ellen (1852-1933) m. William W. Hoffman
Joshua Talbott (1856-1909) m. Mary Elizabeth Schoal
Robert Spencer Vinton (1860-1864)

Phew – we are now caught up!! So the next couple of posts will deal with the other known children of Jeremiah and Elizabeth to wrap up that family group. After that is complete we’ll decide where to go next.


The Whittle Family Tree

I spent a couple of days looking at Susan Whittle Barber. This is the sister of our Unknown Whittle that we first found living with her mother Elizabeth Whittle in 1850. In 1850 the household consisted of:1

Elizabeth Wittle age 65
Susannah Barber age 27
Lucretia Barber age 9
Amanda E. Barber age 5

A quick search of Ancestry brings us more information including the marriage record of Susan A. Whittle to Benjamin Barber 28 Nov 1839 2 in Baltimore, Maryland and they appear on the 1840 Census in District 2, Baltimore.3 Benjamin is between 20 and 30 and Susan is between 15 and 20. Of course by 1850 Benjamin is not listed and Susan is living with her mother and her two daughters, Lucretia born about 1841 and Amanda E. born about 1845. This is yet another male in the Whittle family that goes missing in the late 1840s. I started out thinking that this is some kind of male Whittle issue, but now I’m wondering what the women did that all these men go missing!!

In 1860 there is a census record for a Susan E. Barber is in District 9, Baltimore City and is the head of household, but her 19 year old daughter Lucretia has married William J. Thompson, a 31 year old carpenter from Pennsylvania and Amanda has been erroneously enumerated as Amanda Thompson rather than Barber.4 Susan is working as a Toll Gate keeper. The middle initial at this point did not concern me.

Next up is Susan Barber (no middle initial) in 1870 and this census located her in Ward 12 of Baltimore City as a member of the household of Charles Abell.5 It appears that her younger daughter Amanda has now married Charles Abell, a printer. Also included in the household, are their two young daughters, Virginia born about 1866, and Grace born about 1869.

This is where it gets a little different. The 1870 census is the last time I find Susan Whittle as a “Barber”. An extensive search failed to turn her up with that name in the Census records. However, while searching for information on the Whittles, I had happened across a plot in Govans Presbyterian Church Cemetery for Mrs. Susan E. Barbour, born 24 Mar 1822, and interred 9 Dec 1916. The cemetery records have a note stating “nee Whittle”.6 She shares lot 97 with Mrs. Benjamin Barbour, born 16 Apr 1817, interred 29 Apr 1848. HUH? Susan A. Whittle married Benjamin Barber in 1839, but Susan E. Barbour, nee Whittle, is sharing a plot with an unknown Mrs. Benjamin Barbour in Govans who died in 1848? My first thought was that this was Benjamin’s mother, but this woman was only five years older than Susan. A quick search of my usual sites did not bring me any news or obituaries. With names and interment dates, I have contacted Ruth and asked her to do a more extensive local search for obituaries.

Susan E. Barbour first appears in the 1880 Census.7 Her age is 56 and she is born in Maryland. Her parents match up with Jeremiah and Elizabeth Whittle as her father is born in Maryland and her mother is born in Pennsylvania. She is widowed, boarding with the Bull family, and working as a Tailoress. There is an 1890 Baltimore City Directory that provides an address of 229 N. Gilmore for Mrs. Susan E. Barbour.8

The 1900 Census places Susan E. Barbour as a boarder in the household of Alpheus Smith.9 This record gives us the birth date of March 1822, which matches our cemetery record. The new information is that she is the mother of three, with two children living. At 78 years of age, she has no occupation. The last time I locate Susan is on the 1910 census when she is 87 years of age and living in the Methodist Home for the Aged in Baltimore.10

In summary, what little I know at this moment is that Susan Whittle Barber/Barbour was born 24 Mar 1822. Susan A. Whittle married Benjamin Barber/Barbour 28 Nov 1939. Whether her real name is Susan A. or Susannah is not known, and without a family bible or baptismal records it will remain so. It is entirely possible the clerk that filled out paperwork for the marriage heard Susannah and wrote Susan A. If there is anyone in Baltimore that would like to find that original document and send me a copy, I would be happy to update the site. The first time the word widow appears is on the 1880 Census. Up until this time it has been an assumption on our part that she was widowed. She is interred as of 9 Dec 1916 in lot 97 of Govans Cemetery. Her mother Elizabeth is in lot 88 at Govans Cemetery with her grandson Samuel N. Whittle. Until other information becomes available this is where we stand with Susan.

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