An Elder George

Scholefield Family Tree

Since our George (1860-1942) and his uncle shared the same name, websearches for the elder George (b. abt 1822) are only returning hits for the younger. And because our George also had a George B. (1917-1957) as a grandson, Google returns the results for the youngest when the initial is used. When changing the spelling, none of the hits return results that are for a George born in the early to mid 1820s.

On Ancestry, the results return a slew of men in the British censuses and men in Connecticut, and one man who was born in New York but lived in Fishkill, Dutchess, New York, in both 1860 and 1850 when he is with Enos and Fanny Scofield. Therefore, the George we are examining either died between 1850 and 1860, or he was enumerated or transcribed in such a way that the search cannot locate him. I suspect that George died between 1850 and 1860 as I also cannot locate him in 1870 or 1880.

A search at FamilySearch also returns no matching results.

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