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Scholefield Family Tree

Based on the 1910-1930 Censuses reporting that the Scholefields lived in Rosemont Precinct and in the Vail-Helvetia area, the Scholefield Springs and Scholefield Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains seem to be named after them.1 Additionally the nearby Hidden Valley Ranch carries a name very similar to Hidden Springs and is at the end of Hidden Springs Road, so it is likely the new name of the family’s ranch. The Hellena Mine is north of the area and that might be why the ranch was also called St. Helena.

1. United States Geological Survey, “Geographic Names Information System” database ( : accessed 24 Aug 2008), entries for Scholefield Canyon and Scholefield Springs; ACME Laboratories, “ACME Mapper 2.0” digital maps ( : accessed 24 Aug 2008); original maps from and Geological Survey Topographic Map: Arizona, Empire Ranch Quadrangle, 7.5′ Series, 1981.

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