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While it is always the goal to just do the genealogy and advance the line for research, part of my personal goal is to learn about research in other areas. It is important to know what records may be available to find. It makes no sense to be searching for something that simply did not exist in the time period you are working in. For comprehensive information either consult one of the many great books out there that tell you about the records available in a particular state, use the research guides at FamilySearch, or do your online research in the specific state for the available information.

Just a quick note about this – if you are going to do this online, be sure that you use the state’s official site for the latest information on locating or ordering their records. That said – do not stop there. Go out and look at other sites including blogs, because that’s where the tips and secrets are.

In Colorado try the COGenBlog which is just a wealth of information about genealogy. The site material comes from Julie Miller, Birdie Monk Holsclaw, and Roberta “Bobbi” King. They have spent a lot of time adding great information about doing research in Colorado. These are the folks that are helping genealogists doing research in Colorado!!!

Noted genealogist Arlene Eakle has several blogs – Tennessee, Kentucy and Virginia. All have some great information that can help build your knowledge base when you are starting your research.

I keep a small printed cheat sheet near the computer as I’m working. It is not comprehensive – it is just some basic notes and prompts.

Births – 1910 statewide registration
Deaths – 1906 while available in counties as early as 1900, the national system was 1906.
Neither birth, or death is online and you’ll need to send requests to the appropriate agency.
Marriages – by county and dates vary. As mentioned previously, Ancestry has some online, and there are some in the state archives (not accessible online), but not for my time period.

Births – 1903 statewide registration. Some earlier records are available in some counties.
Deaths – 1890-1976 online certificates and 1964-1998 an online index – both free through FamilySearch.
Marriages – pre 1966 in the counties as they were organized. After 1966 it became statewide.

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