Arwen and I are just back from a week of research in Salt Lake City. No – it’s not on these lines. These lines are based on information that we find or is provided to us through contacts on the internet.

The research we were doing in Salt Lake City was on our own families. Going to research at the Family History Library required quite a bit of preparation. Our posts dwindled before the trip as we spent our time getting ready by reviewing our materials and organizing our searches. They may be a little spotty for a couple more weeks as we clean up all the things we found and get them properly filed and documented.

Don’t give up on us – we’ll be back to work and writing about these lines soon!


This blog is a place for us to find random dead by conducting “cold genealogy*” for families who are not related to our own. The term is appropriate becase we approach a case knowing absolutely nothing about the family we are researching. Whomever we randomly choose, we will use resources available online and present research bits as we find them. The eventual goal is to compile family histories for these random adoptees. We might dig up information on someone who is in your family!

*Term coined by Donna Potter Phillips in “Cold Case Research: Genealogy Style,” Internet Genealogy 3 (Sept 2008): 17.