Scholefield Family Tree

Today was a re-search of what is available in the Hayden Collection at Arizona State University in Tempe (about a 2 hour drive from where I am). The collection is searchable from their Special Materials Index which also contains other resources. I have already located a biography of James Armour Moore (Clara’s father) written by Senator Carl Hayden.1 The senator researched many pioneers of Arizona. The library has digitized and made available the biographies he wrote. However, they did not digitize the source materials that he included in his research files. Additionally, over one thousand research files contained no biography and are only indexed. Therefore, this is again a file where I run searches for all of the surnames: Scholefield, Moore, Crampton, Kenyon, Connell and Fitzgerald.

In addition to James Armour Moore, Henry S. Fitzgerald is the only one with a digitized biography.2 It incorrectly states that he married Sarah J. Crampton when he actually married her sister Mary E. Crampton, so the rest of the information should be taken with a grain of salt, but it says about him that he:

blockquoteArrived in the United States when he was 6 years old; enlisted, age 16, in the 5th New York Infantry, (Colonel Abram Duryee’s Zouaves) to serve during the Civil War and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in that Regiment; received three severe wounds at the first Battle of Bull Run. After his discharge f’rom the Army he came to Arizona in 1865; he was Postmaster at Yuma, in 1873. Died at Yuma, A.T., June 23, 1880.

With that information, I can resolve some of the issues I was having with tracing his wife. She was not divorced in 1910 (unless there was a marriage in there after which she took back her first husband’s name).3 And, if I again want to look for her in 1900, I should be looking for a widow.

Additionally there is some “cool stuff” that can be accessed with a trip to the library (which would cost money and is therefore outside of the scope of this project). At least the internet has made it easier to locate this stuff — otherwise we might not know it ever existed! Here are the highlights:

Chas. T Connell, Susan Moore’s husband, wrote a piece entitled An Early Day Story, 1908 which was about the Apache Indians.

A manuscript entitled James Armour Moore : Notable Pioneer of Arizona exists.

There is also additional information in the Hayden files for: Charles Kenyon, Henry Fitzgerald, and James Armour Moore.

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3. See post dated 3 Nov 2008.


Scholefield Family Tree

The best thing about working with people who lived recently is that you can access the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). It is a free database on lots of genealogy sites — so many I won’t list them all here!

I have come back to the SSDI because I am curious about Frederica –?– Moore, James Arthur Moore’s second wife. Since the 1930 Census reports that she was born about 18801, it is possible that she lived long enough to receive benefits.

Searching just her name returns three women and one who was born about 1880:

Name: Frederica Moore
SSN: 545-38-6711
Last Residence: [none listed]
Born: 31 May 1879
Died: Apr 1965
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)2

A birth month of May is plausible because the census in 1930 was taken in April and she would have appeared to be a year younger. Also James and Frederica did live in California before 1951. A handy tool for Decoding Social Security Numbers is located on Steve Morse’s site. Plugging in the first 5 digits narrows the issue date to between 1936 and 1950. (I know that is not too narrow, but it means that she could have gotten her number in the ten year window between 1936 and her husband’s death in Arizona in 1946 — or she moved back to California at some point!)

Other results for persons in the tree for whom additional information was needed:

Searches for James’s daughter Maud T. Moore (checking because I need the day of her birth) returns one “Maude” who was born in Feb 1894, but died in Kansas in 1987. This doesn’t seem to be a likely match. There are too many women with the first name of Maud(e) to make checking for all possible surnames to locate a possible married name practical.

A birthday was located for Claude Kenyon who was born on 28 Apr 1893.3

There are several others appear in the SSDI, but they are persons for whom I am only collecting DOB, so I will not bore you with confirming those full dates which I already have.

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Scholefield Family Tree

Ok, this is something that I classify as cool, but some others may not.

On the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records site (where the Arizona Biographical Index is also located) there is a Photo Index. Once again, searching for all surnames which might be relevant, we turn up a list of photos. I am providing links to the information about each photo below. I am doing this because the thumbnails which are provided on the site are low quality and are prominently labeled. The Archives reserves all rights to the photos, but will make copies of them for a fee — see their website.

Clara Ann Moore Scholefield and her twin sister Susan Armour Moore Connell about 1890.
Their brother James Arthur Moore in 1889.
Their father James Armour Moore in 1869 in San Francisco.
Their mother Matilda Jane Burnett Moore about 1878 in San Francisco and a second photo taken about 1890.
A group photo at Fort McDowell in 1867 which includes Capt. James A. Moore, J. F. Crampton, and Charles H. Kenyon.
A photo taken at Globe about 1882 which includes J. Arthur Moore and John F. Crampton.
A group photo at the Old Dominion Commercial Company taken about 1890 which includes Arthur Moore.
A photo of the Moore’s Lodging House taken about 1890 (this is likely the hotel that Matilda Jane and James Arthur were running in 1880).
A photo taken in Yuma about 1880 in front of a store and the water works which includes Henry S. Fitzgerald (in 1880, Henry was a merchant — so it might be his store).
A photo of Sarah Jane Crampton in 1882 and again about 1890.
A photo of Mary Ellen Crampton about 1882 and a second taken about 1890.
A photo of John F. Crampton as a boy about 1875 in San Francisco, again about 1884, again about 1900, and again in 1917.
The Old Dominion Mine in Globe in 1885 including John F. Crampton
And one of John with his wife Rovilla Snelling taken in 1882.

The photos were quite a find for the Moore family — at least one of every sibling. Unfortunately, there weren’t any for George’s side.


Scholefield Family Tree

As I go back in time, I find more people! To help myself as well as you, the reader, the following links provide a visual representation of George Scholefield and Clara Moore’s siblings, nieces and nephews.

Family Charts

George’s parents were Charles M. Scholefield and Helen Marr Degraff.
Descendants of Charles M. Scholefield

Clara’s parents were James Armour Moore and Matilda Jane Burnett. Matilda had previously married a John Crampton, so there are half-siblings.
Descendants of Matilda Jane Burnett

**These are large files.


Scholefield Family Tree

The cemetery in Globe is the resting place for several Moore family members. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that you should always check multiple transcriptions whenever available.

Burial lists for the Globe Cemetery are located in three places online:
Gila County AZGenWeb — Contains what appears to be a reading of all gravemarkers in the cemetery.
The Arizona Gravestone Photo Project — Contains a large number of photographs of stones, but not all that appear in the above transcription.
FindAGrave — Contains almost 500 photographs of stones.

The following Moore family members are buried in the Globe Cemetery:

Mollie Shanley Moore

blockquoteMOORE, Mollie Shanley (Jun 3, 1874 – May 1, 1903), “At Rest” “We Loved Her” [the initials “D of H” at top of heart; heart contained words “Talitha Cumi”]1

Based on this transcription, I can firm up my suspicions that James Arthur Moore’s wife Mary A. from the 1900 Census found earlier2 is actually Mollie A. Shanley — she was alive until 1903. Additionally, photographs of her stone are available at and One photograph shows more of the stone, but the text is hard to read — on the other the text is clear and crisp, allowing for verification of the transcription.

Clara Moore ?Shanley?
On a whim, I checked the list of Shanleys on the transcription. Interestingly enough, I found that there is an entry for a three sided stone that lists a “Clara Moore, Died May 13, 1894, Aged 15 ms & 20 days.”3 I suspect that this was Mollie and James’s daughter. She was born a little more than a year after their marriage, and her sister, Maud T., was born about a year later — so it is possible! Additionally, I ran a check of death certificates for the area and found that one of the other children listed on the same stone was simply named Cecilia Rose instead of Cecilia Rose Shanley, meaning that Moore could be a last name. It seems that grandchildren might have been included on the Shanley stone.

Matilda J. Moore
This stone is not listed on the transcription (see why I said we need to check all possibilities). Eventhough Clara Scholefield’s mother seems to have gone by Jane most of the time, her stone lists her as Matilda J.4 The stone reports that she was born 10 Aug 1834 and from previous research, we can supply the missing month to determine that she died 8 Feb 1901.

John William Crampton
While Clara’s brother John Franklin Crampton is reportedly buried in Globe, there are no entries for him in any of the above resources. However, his children are noted. John William Crampton lived from 1883-1935.5

Rovilla J. Crampton
Eventhough Rovilla married a John V. Crowley in 1906, she is buried under her maiden name. This can lead to many assumptions about her life with Crowley. Maybe they divorced and she took back her maiden name? Or maybe her parents paid for the stone and did not put her married name on it? (Yes, I have seen that.)

Alfred B. Crampton

blockquoteCRAMPTON, Alfred B., Died Mar 25, 1891, Aged 1 mo & 1 day, Son of J.F. & R. Crampton

This is the name of the fourth child noted on the 1900 and 1910 Censuses for the Crampton family.6 A picture of his stone is available for reference.

Sarah Jane Kenyon
The stones for Clara’s half-sister’s family don’t add anything we didn’t already know. Sarah Jane Kenyon’s life spanned 1857-1957.7

Charles H. Kenyon
Charles lived from 1840 to 1906.8

Arthur M. Kenyon
And Arthur from 1878 to 1923.9

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Scholefield Family Tree

Censuses have filled in a few dates for the children of two of Clara’s siblings.

Sarah Jane Crampton Kenyon’s children are with the family on the 1880 Census in Rome, Onieda, New York,1 and on the 1900 Census in Globe, Gila, Arizona.2
Maud B was born Apr 1876
Arthur M was born Aug 1878 3
Myrtle M was born May 1889
Claude H was born April 1893
Sarah Jane is reported as having 4 children, all living, so no additional children need to be located for this family.

What has already been located about John Franklin Crampton’s children’s information is supplemented by the 1900 Census reporting that Rovilla J. (named for her mother) was born in Nov 1885.4 And is complicated by both the 1900 Census and the 1910 Census5 which report that Rovilla Snelling Crampton had four children and only three were living. This last child needs to be located based only on the one fact we can assume — it was born and died before 1900. A guess could be made that the child was born between Rovilla and Evelyn because of the seven year gap in their ages. For those who might be quick to point out that the censuses could be in error, I will refute by pointing out that because the numbers were the same during two years, the likelyhood of an enumerator’s error is much less. Additionally, that seven year gap speaks of a pregnancy to the knowing genealogist (childbearing women generally had babies two to three years apart).

One last sibling to check: James Arthur Moore.

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3. This month agrees with what was reported in the post dated 20 Oct 2008.
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Scholefield Family Tree

When writing a family history, one must decide how much research they wish to complete regarding the various sidelines of a family. Do you trace the main descendant line back and also trace down all of the siblings lines? If you do that, how many generations do you want to research? For my personal trees, I research as far as I can go. My reason for this is that by finding cousins, I have received some great finds. I’ve gotten photocopies of the German family pages from a descendant of the writer Zane Grey about our shared Wilhelm ancestors, a copy of pen and ink drawing of my 4th (or 5th) great-grandfather, and loads of information that helped point me in a direction for further research!

Other researchers only focus on their direct lines, sometimes discovering that they need to research siblings in order to discover information about parentage. And only doing research into the sidelines (or neighbors) as needed.

For the Scholefield history for this site, my goal is to trace the direct line as well as locating the vitals of the sibling’s spouses and the birth information for each of their children.

To reach that goal, this post will focus on checking on any possible birth and death records for Clara Moore Scholefield’s siblings and their spouses and children. I will be running quick name searches on the usual sites (FamilySearch, Ancestry, and AZ Genealogy).

Clara was the daughter of James Armour Moore and Matilda Jane Burnett.

Matilda Jane Burnett had married first John V. Crampton. Their children, and therefore Clara’s Half siblings, were: Mary E., Sarah J., and John F.

Based on the census, Mary E. was born about 1857 in California.1 She married Henry Fitzgerald in 1874. An article about her brother-in-law Charles Kenyon mentions that she was a widow who lived in San Francisco.2 She looks to have died before 1940 which is the date that Ancestry’s California Death Index begins. The indexes at VitalSearch don’t contain enough information to identify which of the many Mary Fitzgeralds might be the one we are looking for. I also checked several likely indexes. Nothing further about this family can be located through these sources at this time — census records are next.

Sarah Jane was born on 6 Dec 1857 in California and died 14 Dec 1957 in San Diego County, California.3 She married Charles Kenyon in 1872.2 He was born in 1840 in New York and died in Dec 1906.
Their children:
Maud B. was born in New York.
Arthur Moore Kenyon was born 20 Aug 1878 in Rome, New York.4
Myrtle M.

John Franklin Crampton was born on 1 Dec 1860 in San Bernardino, California, and died 21 Apr 1947 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.5 He married Rovilla Snelling in 1882. She was born 12 May 1861 in Indiana and died 6 Feb 1940 in Globe, Arizona.6
Their children:
John William born 23 May 18837
Rovilla J. born 1885 in Globe, Arizona8 (this is likely the Rovilla who married John C. Crowley in 1906)
Evelyn May born 27 May 1892 in Globe, Gila, Arizona9

Clara’s full siblings were Susan A. and J. Arthur.


Scholefield Family Tree

Continuing up through the generations in a vital records check, the data for George and Clara Moore Scholefield themselves is mostly complete. The only missing data is the exact date when the couple was married; therefore, a check of the Western States Marriage Record Index is next. This index holds records for Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Unfortunately, searches for Scholefield, Moore, George and Clara in Arizona, as well as Clara Moore and Scholefield in the entire collection does not return a result for George and Clara’s marriage.

Other searches for records within the index turn up the following results for other family members:

Confirmation of Max Brodie’s marriage to Helen Scholefield on 10 Oct 1907 in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona.1

A conflicting date for James Armour Moore’s marriage to Matilda Jane Burnett Crampton. Previous information indicates that they married in 1861 in San Bernardino, California, but the index reports their marriage on 3 Jun 1869 in Phoenix Precinct, Yavapai County, Arizona.2 This puts their marriage after the births of their three children?! Of course, it is also possible that there was another couple with similar names and the information for the 1861 marriage is correct.

A possible marriage for James and Matilda’s son James Arthur Moore appears. Based on the date and place, it is likely he married Mollie A. Shanley on 21 Sep 1891 in Globe, Gila, Arizona.3

Another confirmation: Charles T. Connell married Susie Moore on 20 May 1882 in Globe, Gila, Arizona.4 He resided in San Carlos, she in Globe. And it is interesting that Susie’s marriage is indexed, but not Clara’s.

Even more confounding is that John F. Crampton, Susie and Clara’s half brother, appears to have married a Rovilla Snelling on 14 Feb 1882 in Richmond Basin, Gila, Arizona.5 Since Susie and John were both married in 1882, the reported year that Clara and George were married, why does Clara and George’s record not appear right along side Clara’s siblings records? As a side note, Rovilla appears to have later married a Joseph V. Crowley on 12 Dec 1906 in Globe, Gila Arizona.6 John may have died before that date, or they were divorced.

Indicating the need to search for all possible ways that a person might have been named in a record, Sarah Jane Crampton’s marriage is located under the name of Sarah Jane Moore — her mother’s second husband’s name. Her marriage to Charles H. Kenyon is confirmed as occuring on 27 Nov 1872 in Maricopa County, Arizona.7

Mary Ellen Crampton’s marriage is also under the surname Moore. She married Henry T. Fitzgerald on 1 Mar 1874 in Maricopa County, Arizona.8 He was a resident of Yuma County. And she resided in Maricopa Wells, Pima County. A comment on the record states that “Mary is daughter of James A. Moore.” It is interesting that the girls were willing to go by the name of their new father and John kept his real father’s name. However, it is also possible that it was assumed that James Moore was the girls’ father since their real father had died before the family even arrived in Arizona. Since John married a decade after his sisters, maybe he was able to establish his true parentage — the girls may have even been less concerned because they expected their names to change when they married anyway.

So, all of Clara’s siblings marriages have been located — I will need to continue to dig for information about Clara!

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Scholefield Family Tree

Remember that Google is your friend. Try a phrase like — “James A Moore” Arizona pioneer — and you discover the following facts:

James A. Moore and Larkin W. Carr came into possession of the stage station in Maricopa Wells in 1870.1 It was the largest station on the road between Yuma and Tucson. One website compared the station to a mini-mall because it held a store, a blacksmith, a restaurant…2 This site also stated that Moore’s twin daughters, Susan and Clara, would sing to travellers during dinner.

Information is also available about one of the names which is familiar to us from the censuses and our wonderings about Matilda’s marriages. Sarah Jane Crampton’s marriage to Charles H. Kenyon was held in Phoenix on 27 Nov 1872.3 And a biographical article about him is posted in the USGenWeb Archives. He was a pony express rider, a merchant, a cattleman and lived in Globe from 1879 until his death in 1906.4 This article states that he and Sarah were the first white couple married in Phoenix and provides the answers to our questions when it reports that Matilda J. was married first to a John V. Crampton and they had three children: Mary (Henry) Fitzgerald, John F. Crampton, and Sarah J. (Charles) Kenyon. Her maiden name is reported as Burnette, and she travelled with her parents to California in 1850. After Crampton’s death which is reported here as 1856, she married James Moore in San Bernardino by whom she had an additional three children: Susie, Clara (George) Schofield, and J. Arthur Moore. James Moore reportedly lost a fortune in his unsucessful mining operations and died in San Francisco. The article also lists Sarah Kenyon’s four children.

An article about Susan’s husband Charles T. Connell is also available. Connell was a sucessful miner and politician.5 He married Susan A. Moore on 20 May 1882, and they had three childen.

Removing the quotes from around the name on our search leads us to the Arizona Pioneer Biographies by Senator Carl Hayden. The typewritten biography of James Armour Moore states that he was born 4 Apr 1825.6 This source confirms that she had married previously, and he adopted the three children by her first marriage. Her maiden name is spelled Burnett by this source. They moved to Arizona in 1863 where he was a merchant and miner. He also held public offices. He died 18 Jul 1883 and was buried in Laurel Hill Cemetery in San Francisco. At this point I slapped my forehead because I was impressed by the coincidences that are present in this world. I know what happened to this cemetery because my great-grandmother’s stillborn brother was buried there. The cemetery no longer exists because San Francisco lawmakers decided that cemeteries were no longer allowed inside of city limits.7 All remains from this cemetery were reportedly relocated to Cypress Hill in Colma. Now I have two people to find.

We now have a basic family sketch of Clara’s parents and siblings.

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